How to flip an iPhone photo using Flipper (tutorial)

We live in a selfie world. People love pictures of themselves so much that something as ridiculous as the selfie stick was invented. Think about the concept of a selfie stick. It’s a stick that extends the reach of your arm so that you can take the perfect picture of yourself without the need for anyone else. Crazy, right? The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world and people love it for the fantastic camera. I have no gripes with the camera. I can’t tell the difference between the quality of images coming from my iPhone or Sony Alpha a6000. It’s that good.

There is one major annoyance when it comes to taking a selfie. Imagine holding your iPhone to take the perfect selfie. You finally get the best angle and snap the photo, only to have the photo flipped in your Photos. This might make your brain hurt but the iPhone actually unflips the photo when you take a selfie. It’s a default feature of the iPhone that can’t be changed within the Settings. What you want is a mirror style selfie similar to when you look into the mirror. If you’re getting frustrated because your face looks stupid when the photo flips around, here’s how to flip an iPhone photo. Don’t worry! It needs a third party app but the process is quite simple.

How to flip an iPhone photo using Flipper

  1. Download Flipper
  2. Tap Flipper icon
  3. Tap the icon with a 90-degree angle
  4. Tap the flip icon and then the checkmark to select the effect
  5. Tap the download (down arrow) to save the flipped image


I don’t know about you but I hate when the iPhone camera flips my selfies. There’s something eerie about the way I look when the picture is flipped like that. If you’re like me and hate flipped images, you should check out Flipper.

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