Here’s all of the Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpapers in all their glory

We’re just excited as you are about the all new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Both phones might look similar to last year’s S8 and S8+, but if you watched the keynote, both phones are anything but with the first of kind dual aperture camera. The camera also pulls out incredible super slow motion video which no other smartphone camera can do at this point. The S9 will come with stereo speakers, a first for a Galaxy S phone, and still comes with the trusty 3.5mm audio jack that so many of us love.

While preorders start relatively soon, it’s not soon enough that we can get our hands on the Galaxy S9. If you’re drooling over the latest Galaxy phones, or simply want to try out the new official wallpapers from Samsung, you can download them all of them here for free in our Google Photos folder. All of the photos are in their highest resolution and don’t require you to download a zip file from a computer just to view them. All of the photos are free, courtesy of Samsung, so enjoy.

Download and view all of the official Samsung Galaxy S9 wallpapers here

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