110 Perfect 4K wallpapers for the OLED display smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, Google Pixel 2XL and Apple iPhone X

If you picked up a new smartphone in 2018, you know how fantastic its display looks. Display technology on smartphones is better than ever and has surpassed televisions, computers and tablets in performance. Samsung might have the crown in display benchmark tests, but the differences are so small between other phones that most average consumers won’t notice a difference. If you love your display, you probably love to change out your wallpapers to show off how great it looks. We’ve gathered 110 4K wallpapers that are perfect for your Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8+ and S8. All of these devices have AMOLED displays which show off colors and contrast ratios better than all other display technology.

We’ve put all of our images in a public and free Google Photos library online so you can view them at anytime from the Google Photos app or you can view them through your respective web browser. We suggest you download and install Google Photos, especially for iPhone users who typically run out of space since you take more pictures with your phones than all other users.

Check out the awesome collection of 110 4K wallpapers by clicking this free Google Photos album

Here’s a small preview of what’s in the collection.

60 QHD Neon Wallpapers perfect for high-contrast AMOLED displays

55 HD Portrait only wallpapers perfect for any smartphone


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