About deTeched

Hello world!

After writing on a tech blog for over 2.5 years, a group of us were finally tired with the lack of attention on the reader. Here at Deteched.com we will always keep the reader first when it comes to our stories. When we write a story we will ask ourselves, “why is this story important for our readers?” If we can find a good reason for it, we will write it up. Not all of our stories will pertain to everyone in every situation as we plan on covering all major tech. Covering just Android or just Apple separately not only limits us to a niche, but it also creates unfair biases that take away from the true story of each. Most tech writers like us understand the virtues of any technology no matter what brand it comes from, and that’s why we want to cover it all. This will be your one stop shop for learning about Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google and all other major tech. We might sound biased at times, but I promise we are all truly brand agnostic.

We are one more tech site on the web with thousands of others. The odds are stacked against us. Other established sites have sponsors and advertisements, and we have nothing to support us financially. That doesn’t scare us one bit. We have the power to write and we have the freedom to write whatever we think is important to the reader. We don’t have to waste five hours a day working on a Black Friday deals post or a Best deals at AT&T post. And we certainly don’t have to cater to big time sponsors to give biased reviews. While posts like that are great at bringing up the bottom line, they are all over the web and the last place you need to see another is here. For now we are going to focus on several categories – from news that matters, to app and product reviews, as well as op-eds as to where the industry is heading and what our take on it is.

If we do get to a point where we start to bring in revenue, we will ensure ethical use of the funds. We will pay our writers as best we can to ensure the highest quality work. We will also partner with a selection of non-profit agencies to do our part to make this a better world for all.

We will also give you things you really enjoy like wallpapers, suggestions on new launchers and icon packs, as well as tutorials on how to use your smartphones and tablets.

All of this is going to take a lot of time for us to build up enough content to get up in the ranks.

We thank each and every one of you for coming to our site and we also hope that you can share it amongst your friends and family.

Please feel free to reach out to any of the writers at deTeched for feedback and for partnership inquiries.

Thank you again,