55 QHD OLED Wallpapers perfect for the high-contrast display on the Apple iPhone X

Apple finally joined the Android world by adding in a wonderful OLED display to the iPhone X. If you’ve only known Apple and don’t know why this matters, I’ll try my best to explain it without sounding overly nerdy.

OLED displays have individual pixels that can light up on their own, where LCD displays (found on all iPhones besides the X) are lit by an entire light panel. The difference in technology allows for OLED displays to get pure black (since pixels can turn off) where LCD displays have to do their best to try to make black look as dark as possible by blocking out the back light. This is what contrast ratio is: it’s the ratio of the display’s brightest color in comparison to its darkest color. LCD displays on the iPhone 8 typically average 1300:1 contrast ratios, where the iPhone X and other OLED smartphones have contrast ratios that average 1,000,000:1. In general terms, that means the phone can make color look great on dark backgrounds.

In order to show off just how great your iPhone X OLED display panel really is, we’ve gathered 55 QHD resolution wallpapers that are perfect for OLED displays. They have dark backgrounds with colorful images that show off that excellent contrast ratio.

In order to keep the load on our servers low, we’ve added the 55 high-contrast wallpapers to a free and public gallery on Google Photos.

If you want to view all of the wallpapers, simply click on this link. Join the album if you like it and want to revisit the gallery to change your wallpaper whenever your heart desires it.

Here’s a small preview of what’s in the gallery.

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