5 Great protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ under $15

If you grabbed the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+(they’re the same except for size), you know just how beautiful and unique the design is. The polished metal around the sides is something usually reserved for high-end cars, and the curved glass on the front and back is unique to Samsung premium smartphones. The S8 and S8+ make the competition look old and stale. It will be interesting to see if Google and Apple can keep up with the design when they release their phones later this year.

With the classy design comes fragility that can ruin your Galaxy S8 or S8+ if you don’t protect it properly. The glass on the back combined with the polished edges make for a slippery combination, especially if you’re reaching for the fingerprint reader which is near the top of the phone. It’s even harder to get to on the larger S8+. Luckily, since the Galaxy S line is the most popular Android selling smartphone, there are dozens of case manufacturers who are looking to help protect your smartphone. We’ve gathered our five favorites and put them in one spot for you to see so you can decide which one is best for your personal tastes.

Let’s check them out.

Caseology Vault II Series

I’m a big fan of Caseology because it makes very reasonably priced cases that look great, fit right and feel great in the hand. The Vault Series II case is one of my favorites for the Samsung Galaxy S8 because it has a hard exterior with a soft TPU lining that protects the inside. It hugs the S8 without being so tight you can’t pull your phone out. It’s also thin enough to work on wireless charging pads without issue. The design has a purpose – the lines on the back help increase the grip factor of the phone and when I hold the S8 is feels very safe in my hand.

Trianium Clarium Series

For those of you who want added protection without covering up the beautiful look of your Samsung Galaxy S8, Tranium’s Clarium Case is just for you. It is 100% clear with a hard outer frame and soft internal padding that slide onto your smartphone with cutouts for every port. Make sure you wipe down your phone and hands before you install this case. It’s so clear that it will pick up fingerprints. I like this case, not only because it is clear, but also because it’s price is so reasonable.

  • Trianium Clarium Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ $8.99 at Amazon
  • Trianium Clarium Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 $8.99 at Amazon

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Style Hybrid case

I may not understand how Supcase came up with the name Unicorn Beetle for its cover for the Galaxy S8, but I don’t really care since it is one of the better ones on the market. Like the Trianium case above, it offers a clear view so you can see the beauty of your glass phone. Instead of clear sides, it has rubber TPU lining the sides of the phone that come in several colors. It’s got a slim profile with a rigid back that should keep your phone safe from drops, scratches and more.

Crave Dual Guard Protection Series

For those of you who need grip more than anything else, Crave’s Dual Guard Protection Series case was made just for you. Its case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is dimpled all over and it makes for one sticky experience. This case is great for those of you who use your phones with one hand – those dimples are just so grippy. It also offers dual layer protection to keep your S8 safe in case you drop it too. The Dual Crave series is a modest look that doesn’t look flashy but still looks modern. It comes in black, gray, mint and navy.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Series

Spigen is also another great case manufacturer you probably have heard of and its Neo Hybrid Series case for the Galaxy S8 is another winner. It has a great look that stands apart from all others, with a hard skeleton case with soft TPU body to offer grip and extreme protection. Spigen proves you don’t have to make big and bulky cases to offer Mil-grade protection with the Neo Hybrid. I chose the silver and blue combination, but it also comes in gold/burgundy, coral/black, gunmetal/black, niagara blue/gold, pale dogwood/gold, shiny black/black and violet/platinum gold. It has enough color options to make everyone happy.

If there are other cases you would like for us to review, please let us know in the comments section below and we will do our best to accommodate you. We know there are hundreds of cases for your Samsung Galaxy S8 and it can be a daunting task to find the perfect one.

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