Dress up your backgrounds with these 150 QHD and HD Classic Art wallpapers

You love wallpapers and we have 150 cool and classic ones that are worth billions of dollars, if you own the original artwork. We’ve gathered art you might have seen around museums or even in text books from artists like Seurat, Picasso, Kahlo and more and they won’t cost you a single penny. They’re timeless pieces that look fantastic and will bring a touch of class to your smartphone. My favorite piece is A Sunday on La Grande Jatte which is the featured image above. However, there’s a good chance something else in the 150 wallpaper collection is your favorite, so feel free to pick your own to add to your backgrounds on your iPhones or Androids. They’re also great to use on your computers too.

View the entire collection of 150 HD and QHD photos classic art here. Feel free to join the album to access all of the art anytime you want to change your backgrounds.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

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