Save data and block advertisements with the Adblocker browser for Android (review)

An advertisement is a form of communication that is designed to promote or sell a product, idea or service. Advertising used to be limited to magazines, newspapers, commercials, mail and radio, but is now apart of almost every single webpage on the internet. As we spend more time on our computers, tablets and smartphones, advertisers and content producers are inundating us with so many ads and popups that it’s to the point of ruining the web experience. Luckily, for those of us who hate advertisements, there is the Adblocker Browser app for Android devices to improve your web browsing experience.


Free at the Google Play Store

What is the Adblocker Browser app?

There are dozens of web browsers: Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer), Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari are the most common web browsers and there’s a good chance you use one of them. It’s software that allows you to access the World Wide Web. You use the browser of your choice to visit websites such as ESPN, Amazon, The Verge and deTeched.

The Adblocker Browser app for Android is similar to those web browsers above, except it blocks as many advertisements that it can identify while you browse the internet.

Not all advertisements are bad – sometimes they’re useful especially if it is for a product or service that you purchase. Generally though, the amount of useful ads are a small fraction of the total and each one consumes data when you see them. Some ads are a way for the bad guys to install malware or viruses on your device.

Every time you go to a website, the homepage is loaded with ads that slow down page loading in addition to consuming excess data. For a vast majority of you the amount of useless and annoying ads far outweigh the useless ones. Until websites find a better way to advertise, I highly recommend you try the Adblocker Browser for Android as a way to block them all. It can help webpages load faster and it can even save you up to 100MB of data per month on your data package.

Early versions of the Adblocker Browser for Android were slow and missed quite a few ads, but the most recent version is really good. It’s as fast, if not faster than Chrome and it really does prevent ads.

While I love the former website I used to write for, it’s one of the worst offenders of useless ads. In the featured image, you can see how the Adblocker Browser blocked 99 ads and saved me almost 1MB of data usage! It also helped the home page load faster and made for a happier browsing experience.

Adblocker won’t block the ads that are published the same way articles are written and published (sponsored posts), but it does block pop-ups and will prevent almost all cases of malware infections through ads. If you do have sites where you like to see ads, you can enable them for that specific website too. It’s as easy as clicking on the check mark icon at the bottom right of the app, and then clicking the slider to stop ad blocking for your favorite website.

The Adblocker Browser for Android isn’t without its flaws. There are some ads that manage to slip through as advertisers find ways to work their magic around Adblocker. However, Adblocker’s developers are constantly updating its software to block new ads all of the time. There are other browsers that promise to block ads, but I found the Adblocker Browser to be superior to the competition.

I highly recommend you try it out for a few days and see how it performs for yourself. It makes for a much more pleasant web browsing experience and prevents unwanted malware from installing on your Android device.

Learn more at Adblocker and download the Adblocker Browser for Android at the Google Play Store.

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