Is Apple’s Silicone Case really worth the expensive price tag? (review)

The iPhone 8 can really be viewed as the iPhone 7S due to the lack of hardware changes. The only major change to the iPhone 8 is the implementation of the glass back to allow wireless charging. The biggest changes are under the hood with the addition of a new A11 processor and improvements in camera performance. I’ve always been a fan of the S version of iPhones because I know what to expect. As I’ve gotten older, the excitement that comes with a new phone and its novel features has dwindled. I upgraded my iPhone 6S to the iPhone 8 Plus to take advantage of the larger screen real estate and because I love Touch ID. The $800 price tag is a tough pill to swallow, which is why I immediately bought a case to protect my phone. I decided on the Apple’s official silicone case in the Midnight Blue color.


The silicone case is what you would expect from an Apple product: aesthetically beautiful. Despite it being made out of silicone, the case has a premium feel to it. Most silicone cases are anything but premium. Third-party silicone cases that I’ve bought over the past couple years do a decent job of basic protection, but feel cheap in your hand.

The cutouts fit the volume rockers and sleep/awake button perfectly. The silicone case provides a small lip that prevents the screen from making physical contact when your phone is face down. The case ends before reaching the bottom of the phone, leaving the dual speakers and Lightning port naked. I really like this design choice because the lip doesn’t get in the way when you press your thumb to unlock your phone.

The only qualm I have with Apple’s silicone case is that it is a bit slippery. Not slippery enough to drop, but not as grippy as I would like it to be. This is due to the soft silicone material. The inner portion of the case has a soft microfiber lining to protect your iPhone from being scratched up.


I wouldn’t choose this silicone case if you are looking for the slimmest case available. In my opinion, the case adds a bit of bulk. However, I don’t mind sacrificing slim for protection. I’ve already dropped my phone several times from distances ranging from my ear to hip level height. There is not a single shred of evidence that my phone suffered any damage from its various falls. I also have the silicone case covering my 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the case still looks brand new, even after 8 months of heavy use. I feel very confident that my iPhone 8 Plus will not shatter if I accidentally drop it from a reasonable distance. If you’re looking for case that will protect against the toughest conditions, click here.


If you’re looking for a premium, great-looking case, I would look no further than Apple’s silicone case. The silicone case looks and feels luxurious, which is what Apple is known for. You also get a durable case that will protect your phone from accidental drops. Apple’s silicone case will look brand new even after months of heavy use, which means you’ll be spending less money on replacing worn out cases. The caveat of this case is that it is pricey at $39. However, I firmly believe the high cost is worth every penny because I know I won’t have to replace my case until I upgrade to a new phone. If your funds are low, check out some great cheaper alternatives by clicking here.

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