Edifier MP200 Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Compact size and price with big sound (review)

While smartphones and tablets have advanced in many ways – battery, display, speed, and storage – one area where smart portable devices have not changed much is in external audio. Some phones and tablets have improved, but not so much where you can truly enjoy your music or movies while on the go. That’s why Bluetooth speakers are one of the most purchased wireless accessories people look for these days. The only issue with Bluetooth speakers is there are simply too many to choose from at too many prices and sizes for most consumers. That’s why you’ve come to deTeched because we do our best to review products that make sense for you. We got our hands on quite a portable speaker: the Edifier MP200 Bluetooth Speaker.

The Edifier MP200 is a true portable wireless speaker. I say “true” because it is small enough to carry no matter where you go. While there are thousands of “portable” speakers, a vast majority of them are too big to carry outside of the home. Those speakers are great for using around the home or office but aren’t great for hikes, bike rides, picnics, snowboarding, or using anywhere you go outside of the home. The MP200 is about the size of a baseball. Instead of being round, it comes in a cube shape with rounded edges. The cube measures roughly two inches per side and is one of the lightest weighted speakers I have ever used. It also comes with an IP54 water resistance rating, which is good enough to withstand slight sprays and showers. It’s not a speaker you want to use in water though, but poolside should be more than fine.

Being so small, you’d think the sound was small too, but for its size, it’s pleasantly loud. The MP200 employs a two inch directional driver and when listened to in my office at work or at home only needs to be played at 50% of max to be very enjoyable. At 100%, it’s loud enough to make a conversation with a coworker impossible. The sound is also surprisingly rich with a hefty amount of bass. No, it’s not going to shake the table, but it will make movies and TV shows sound fantastic. It also makes music sound full with a great amount of detail without being piercing to make up for its small size.

The controls are rather smart with the MP200 too. Controls reside on two sides of the cube, with the power, Bluetooth, answer/end call, and play/pause buttons on the top. On the left side is where you will find track and volume controls. The buttons offer tactile feedback that enables you to control your MP200 without needed to look at it. On the right side of the MP200 is where the micro USB slot resides for recharging, and the microSD cart resides for bringing along stored music. While this is a nice feature to have, especially for those who head out on trails without service, it’s not a feature I ever use because I stream my music from my phone. Nonetheless, this speaker wasn’t designed for just me, and I’m sure there are thousands of users who would love this feature.

Lastly, the MP200 has a microphone for taking calls. This feature usually lacks in portable speakers and the MP200 doesn’t fare too greatly with it. It’s usable when you hold the speaker close to your face, but not so useful for listeners on the other end once it leaves that vicinity. If you’re hard of hearing and need more sound from your phone, this is a great option as long as you’re willing to hold it close to your face.

Overall the MP200 is a great package for sound, build quality, and portability, especially when you factor in its low list price at just $34.99 at Edifier.com. Although right now it’s $6 off at $28.99 at both Edifier and Amazon making it a steal at this price. Edifier USA’s specialty is audio and its expertise shines through even on its budget offerings like the MP200 Bluetooth Speaker.

Learn more about the MP200 at Edifier.

Edifier MP200 Bluetooth Speaker review
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