50 QHD simple and textured wallpapers for your smartphones

Finding the right wallpaper is tough. You look at your computer or smartphone every day so it’s important you find something that suits your taste. I’m a man of simple taste. I stopped wearing anything with graphics when I was 15. I prefer clothes with solid colors and minimal design. I have the same taste in wallpapers. I like minimalist wallpapers that are simple and visually appealing.

It’s crazy how good the screens are on the most recent batch of smartphones. Apple finally went with an OLED screen on the iPhone X and it looks pretty freaking good. The Galaxy and the Pixel series have had OLED screens for a while and they both look fantastic as well. Beautiful screens call for beautiful wallpapers. Following the minimalist theme, here are 50 QHD textured wallpapers that are perfect for any smartphone or laptop.

Image files, especially high-resolution ones, can get quite large so we’ve uploaded all of them to a free public gallery on Google Photos to keep our servers running at optimal speeds. Feel free to download any of the wallpapers at any time.

Click here to view the entire album of QHD texture wallpapers.

Here’s a small preview of the gallery.


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