Say no more to long lines with the Chick-fil-A One app (review)

I grew up in Florida where Chick-fil-A is pretty much a staple in everyone’s diet. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that I’ve consumed at least 2,000 nuggets from Chick-fil-A. I went on a hiatus from my favorite fast food restaurant when I moved to San Diego for college. I didn’t have a car for most of my undergraduate life and the closest one was too far away. Fast-forward eight years and I am a semi-functioning adult with a full-time job and my own car. Combine that with a Chick-fil-A opening up nearby and you would be right to guess that I’m back on the Chick-fil-A train.

I’ve eaten a disgusting amount of chicken nuggets and waffle fries in the past six months. I have a running joke with one of my roommates where we keep track of each other’s locations through Snap Map. I went to Chick-fil-A so often that he would be able to accurately tell I was at Chick-fil-A just by looking at my location on Snap Map. Everything is great about Chick-fil-A except for two things. It’s not open on Sundays and the line and drive-thru during lunch hours are ridiculously long. There is a solution and it is in the form of an app. It is Chick-fil-A’s very own app that lets you order your food in advance and skip the long lines to get your food quicker. Check out the review below.

Price: Free
Price: Free

How to order food using the Chick-fil-A app

The Chick-fil-A app is easy to use. Simply open up the app and tap on the menu option located at the bottom of your screen. You’ll have to choose what restaurant you want to pick up from. This feature uses the location-enabled services on your phone and will suggest the nearest one to your current location. Once you choose the location, you’ll tap carryout or curbside and a menu will pop up.

You can go ahead and pick your meal. The app lets you customize orders if you want to add or remove ingredients from your meal. This is cool because it lets you visually see different options to add to your sandwich that you maybe haven’t thought about on your own. You can also specify how many sauces you want. The Chick-fil-A I go to likes to skimp on the sauces so I like that I can explicitly say that I want at least three of each sauce.

You’ll have to pay using the Chick-fil-A mobile card. It is similar to the Starbuck app where you load up your card and quickly pay using the mobile card. The minimum amount you can put on your card is $10. This is a bit of an inconvenience because I would rather be able to pay directly through Apple Pay.

Once you pay for your meal, all you have do is go to the Chick-fil-A that you want to pick up from and tap “I’m Here”. This will alert the employee to grab your food and they will scan the QR code on your phone. It is finally time to grub!

A cool feature of the Chick-fil-A app is the rewards program that grants you free treats. You’ll see a circle that fills with red. Once it is completely full, you’ll be eligible for a free treat through your personal Chick-fil-A One profile. All you have to do to redeem it is to add it to a mobile order or scan it at the restaurant to redeem it.


The Chick-fil-A One app makes it even easier and quicker to get your food. You can order from the convenience of your phone and skip the long lines by picking up at the restaurant. This is a must-have app for any people who have complicated orders or they are picking up for a big group of people. The added benefit of getting free food just by using the app makes this a no-brainer to add to your phone. Go ahead and check it out. Thank us later when you’re bypassing a line of thirty jealous people who are hungrily eyeing your food as you leave the restaurant.

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