Close up images of the Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung recently released the Coral Blue variant of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the US. If you recall, the first Samsung device to sport Coral Blue was the Note 7 which was recalled due to battery flaws. I had the Note 7 in Coral Blue and it was one of my favorite colored devices of all time. I got my hands on the latest Galaxy S8 in Coral Blue and wanted to show you images. No the color doesn’t warrant an upgrade if you already own an S8 or S8+. If you’ve waited for an S8, especially an unlocked one, now might be the time for you to choose a new color option. I’m a big fan of all of the S8 colors, as I own the S8+ in Orchid Gray too.

Where this year’s S8 Coral Blue differs from the Note 7 in Coral Blue is the outer frame. The Note 7 had a gold frame where the S8 frame is now the same color as the rest of the device. There’s no other differences between this Coral Blue S8 and the other S8 smartphones besides the color.

The Galaxy S8 is my favorite device of 2017. You’ll see in the images below why I think Samsung is at its best now.

Let’s check it the Coral Blue S8 in the images below.

Samsung Logo Rear

Galaxy S8 USB C port, 3.5mm audio jack and speaker

Camera, flash and fingerprint reader
Infinity Display
Front corner
Always on display (dim)
Power button
Sim card slot
Volume rocker and Bixby button
Always on home button
Front camera
S8 next to the S8+

If you like the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can grab your own at

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