JISONCASE PU Leather Smart Cover for the Apple IPAD PRO 12.9 (Review)

Apple recently released its earnings and announced that the sales of its famous tablets are back on the rise. While Android has left its tablet program as a side project, Apple continues to push the development of the iPad. I’ve been a huge fan of the iPad Pro, the 12.9″ model to be specific. I love its massive display for reading, the quad speakers for music and videos, and the internals for quick speed. The iPad Pro is easily the best tablet I’ve used to date.

In order to protect my $1000+ investment, I’ve been using a premium cover from JISONCASE for the past several weeks. It’s slim, nice looking, but most importantly it is functional.

Let’s check it out.

Design and build

The JISONCASE PU Leather Smart Cover is a folder style design that has a hard clear case on the back with a foldable front piece on the front. The hard case is similar to what you’d find on any smartphone case, where it wraps around the backside with cutouts for all of the functional ports and buttons. It wraps around the edges with a slight curvature over the sides to protect the screen in case of accidental drops.

The front cover is foldable in multiple directions and is what some case manufacturers refer to as ‘Origami Style’. This cover offers several folding options that allows you to fold the case in a variety of layouts. I prefer this style since I don’t always want to use my iPad in the same orientation. When folded in the ‘Origami” style, there are strong magnets that hold it together. It only takes a second to fold it into this position and is my favorite orientation. I use it most this way when I’m typing on a Bluetooth keyboard and when I lay in bed watching videos before I sleep. I believe the same magnets used to hold the back together are also what turn the display on/off when the cover is opened or closed.

The hard cover on the back fits about as good as any case I’ve used before. It offers protection in all of the right spots while minimizing bulk. The iPad Pro 12.9 is already a large device, and I’ve used some heftier cases that make it too big. The JISONCASE cover is right sized and has a nice foldable flap that looks the part too.

Overall the case one of the more functional accessories you can get for the iPad Pro. JISONCASE makes high quality third-party accessories and I especially like this cover because of its exceptional value. It’s listed on the JISONCASE website for only $20.99 which I consider a bargain for the quality, fit and function of the PU Leather Smart Cover.

If you’re in the market for a quality cover for your iPad Pro, I recommend you check out the JISONCASE PU Leather Smart Cover at www.jisoncase.com.

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