Awair Air quality monitor

The 5 Coolest Gadgets from Startups on Amazon Launchpad

Amazon Launchpad undoubtedly contains the coolest gadgets on – and maybe even the web. In case, you haven’t checked it out, Launchpad is an area of Amazon dedicated specifically to “Today’s Brightest Startups”.

Seeing as I spent (spend…) entirely too much time looking at gadgets and gizmos on Launchpad, I figured I might as well put that time to some semblance of use by showing you the 5 coolest products I’ve found on Launchpad.


Awair Home Air Quality Monitor

Awair Air quality monitor

Awair is an air quality monitor for your home that tracks things like dust, CO2, humidity and temperature. The well-designed Awair displays a score between 0 and 100 to “quickly help you understand the quality of your air”. Bitfinder has also made an app to go with the Awair, allowing you to see more details as well as air quality tips.

It goes for $199, but based on the 4-star average and reviews, most users feel like they got their money’s worth in this smart device.


PhoneSoap 2.0 Universal Phone Sanitizer

phonesoap 2.0 sanitizer Our phones are one of the things we use, and touch most in our days. Yet, almost none of us ever clean or sanitize our phones – no, wiping it with your shirt doesn’t count. Enter PhoneSoap 2.0.

The  PhoneSoap 2.0 is slim and lightweight, making it easily portable. Most importantly, it kills 99.99% of “germs utilizing bacteria-zapping UV rays,” sanitizing your phone – and with PhoneSoap claiming that our phones have 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom, that seems like a good thing.

The PhoneSoap 2.0 is just $49 on Amazon and unlike it predecessor, fits the iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus.


Sphero SPRK+ STEAM Educational Robot

SPRK+ spheroThe SPRK+ STEAM is the coolest, toughest programmable robot – perfect for everyone from beginners to more advanced programmers just looking to have fun. SPRK+ is controlled through Sphero’s Lightning Lab app, available on both iOS and Android, which allows you to use visual block or text based programming to execute maneuvers and tricks with your SPRK+ .

The SPRK+ is $129 on Amazon and has an excellent 4.4-star average user rating.


Myo Gesture Control Arm Band

Myo gesture control arm bandThe future is here! Myo’s Gesture Control arm band allows you to control Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices – and even Parrot drones with simple arm gestures. The Myo Market has over 100 apps, which “gives you control of technology from a distance, from games and connected things to presentations and media.” For the more advanced programmer, open APIs and free SDK allow you to develop your own applications and automations – a nice feature.

The Myo Gesture Control Arm Band sells for $199 and has a 3.5-star rating.


Bluesmart One Smart Carry-On Luggage

bluesmart one smart luggageThat’s right. Smart Luggage. Bluesmart has brought modern technology to the tech-lacking luggage world. The Bluesmart One has built in GPS, allowing you to track your bag anywhere in the world. It also has several other smart features including a charging port with a 10,000 mAh battery, a built in scale connected to the case’s handle, and the ability to lock or unlock your case using Bluesmart’s app!

The Bluesmart One is currently on sale for $315 on Amazon. It has an average 3.6-star rating.



Have you found a cool product on Launchpad? Did we miss your company’s product? Let us know in the comments below or email me.

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