Samsung Fast Charge 5100 mAh battery pack (review)

If you’re a smartphone power user, you know the harsh reality that no internal battery can keep up with you. Despite our best efforts to encourage manufacturers to create smartphones with more power storage, we simply cannot get a device that lasts longer than a full day. Battery packs, or portable power banks, are designed to keep us powered up while we are on the go. Samsung’s newest accessory, the Fast Charge 5100 mAh battery pack is a nice choice to have especially for those who own USB C devices.

The Samsung Fast Charge 5100 mAh battery pack is designed to provide up to two full charges to smartphones without needing to plug into a wall socket. It’s got a soft matte plastic unibody with a metal panel on the front where you will find the USB C input/output, USB A output, power button and strap for carrying or looping on a backpack or laptop bag. The power bank not only has the more advanced USB C port, but it can provide power to compatible devices at Fast Charge speed too. The cable that comes with the battery pack has a USB A plug, and on the opposite end is a micro USB plug with a USB C adapter for charging new and old devices alike.

If you’ve used battery packs, you won’t find many differences with this one besides the price at $59.99. It’s definitely a bit steep when you can find alternatives on sites like Amazon for far less money. But you get the ability to charge your compatible devices with USB C at Fast Charge speeds and you get Samsung’s high-quality build too. Fast Charging will consume energy faster from the  5100 mAh power bank meaning you will only get one full charge for the Samsung Galaxy S8+ which has a 3500 mAh internal battery. An extra full charge for the Galaxy S8+ will get you through another full day without having to sit by a wall outlet.

I do like that Samsung decided to go with 5100 mAh as anything bigger gets too heavy for daily usage. I rarely need more than an extra full charge and am happy to leave the excess weight behind. It’s small enough to carry in your front pocket with a smartphone, and it’s certainly small enough to throw in a purse or laptop bag. The battery pack can also charge other devices that rely on USB power like Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, and tablets.

It comes in blue and silver and is a solid battery pack. However, at $59.99 I suggest you wait a month or two and it will probably come down in price that might make it a bit more attractive.

You can order the Samsung Fast Charge 5100 mAh power bank from Samsung and


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