Google WiFi is available now in the 3-pack size at the Google Play Store

If you have been waiting to upgrade your home network with Google’s new mesh networking system, you’ll be happy to know it’s finally back in stock. Similar to the Pixel launch, the Google WiFi mesh network was backordered leaving many customers wanting for more. Priced at $299, for three mesh routers makes Google WiFi a solid option for those who want fast internet for homes up to 4500 square feet. Google recommends one mesh network access point per 1500 square feet. However if your home happens to have extra thick walls, or competes with other networks due to high density, you might want to consider using one access point per 500-1000 square feet.

Mesh networks are gaining popularity as more devices rely on a strong WiFi signal. While companies such as eero, Ubiquiti Networks and others beat Google to the punch, some loyalists want their Google branded products. Next generation networks allow for automatic firmware and software upgrades, 24/7 network monitoring, advanced security and many other options that don’t exist on your old routers. Google WiFi is compatible with Android and iOS devices and does require a Google account to setup.

If you’d like to get your own Google WiFi, head on over to the Google Store now before they sell out again.

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