Worried about Samsung smartphone fires? Watch Samsung’s videos to calm your fears before the launch of the Galaxy S8

Everyone makes mistakes. Even huge companies like Samsung make mistakes. Everyone knows about with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries that caught fire. With stories about fires popping up, on every major media site, after the initial launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung was forced to recall all of the phones for that release. It didn’t hide its mistakes and explained exactly what happened in the first video below. That explanation was vital for Samsung to avoid that mistake in the future and it was just as vital to explain to the public. It’s important because we all know how the media makes stories out of nothing at times, and an educated consumer base will help them separate fake news from real news.

With the next major launch upon us, March 29th for the Galaxy S8, Samsung is directly educating its consumers about its safety process in commercials shown on TV now. They’re listed below as the second and third videos.

The Galaxy S8 is going to rock the industry with Samsung’s best in class design. There’s also just as much certainty that there will be stories about the S8 catching fire too, but the likely hood of those being Samsung’s fault are slim.

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