BlitzWolf’s data and sync cables are the perfect accessories for your phone

We usually don’t put a lot of effort into choosing a data and charging cable. Whenever you buy one, you’re likely to simply add one to your cart or trolley without looking twice, and end up compromising between price, quality, aesthetics, and safety. Fortunately, with BlitzWolf’s data and charge cables, you won’t have to make any compromises. Here’s our look on their latest USB Type C and Micro USB cables.

BlitzWolf’s newest cables look great. They aren’t bulky and built like a tank, but rather have a ergonomic design that has both strength and attractiveness in mind. They have a sweet point between functionality and design. If there was a scale for what I’m talking about, it would look sorta like this:


This is great for me personally, because I don’t really want a cable made of steel that can survive a grenade, but I also need something that can withstand an office chair running over it.  BlitzWolf’s cables are perfect for this, especially because we still get a good-looking cable in the end. Too many times has a cable simple died on me after a few months.

The ends of the cable have a tapered plastic covering that flexes with usage, which prevents fraying and split cables like what happens to Apple’s lightning cables. The outer covering is made from kevlar, which is also very strong and can withstand some pretty hectic tensile and compressive forces. Take a look at BlitzWolf’s video below:

As you may have picked up from the video, the cable also supports Fast Charging. I can attest to this as it worked perfectly on my Xiaomi Mi5. The cable also supports up to 2.4A and 12V passing through it, so I doubt that you won’t be able to charge any device quick enough with it. The data transfer rate is up to 480mbps, which is average and the maximum rate for USB 2.0. However, some of the latest versions of the cables do support USB 3.0, you can find that in the specifications tab at BlitzWolf’s official site.

Another nice thing about the cables is the varying lengths you can get them at. There are options for 3.3 feet (1 meter), 6 feet (1.8 meters) and 8.2 feet (2.5 meters). As an owner of the 2.5 meter cable, I must say that it really doesn’t tangle easily.

The lightning cable is MFi certified, so you can use it without hassle. They also fit in flawlessly with cases on the phone and don’t give me any trouble when syncing data or charging. I’ve had several experiences in the past when my cable wasn’t MFi certified and when the Micro USB connection was always lose, meaning that I’d wake up sometimes with an empty battery in both cases. Fortunately, I am yet to experience this with my BlitzWolf cables, and I doubt I ever will.

I should mention that the cables come with a “Magic Tape Strap”, which is just a velcro piece that can hold the cable together if you decide to roll it up for storage. It wasn’t a huge perk for me as I don’t really fold my cables up, but you’d definitely appreciate it if you pack your cables away when done with them.

BlitzWolf has several different types of cables, most of them just being older versions with minor differences. The particular cables I use are the BlitzWolf Ampcores.

The cables usually come in between $5 and $11, depending on the type and length, as well as the website you’re buying from. I think the price is perfect considering that you’re getting a solid package, as well as an 18-month warranty. These cables could easily cost $10 for the cheapest one.

If you’re on the lookout for some affordable cables that are gonna give you the best value, you should definitely check out BlitzWolf’s products. I have been using them for the last two years, and my original cables are still working just fine. They are only getting better and better a with each iteration.

You can buy the cables here through Banggood, or here through the official website.


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