How to withdraw cash from a Wells Fargo ATM using your Android or iOS smartphone

Smartphones can do just about everything these days. One area where they are rapidly making changes is in your wallet. Apple and Android devices are becoming more popular as digital currency since they can make payments using Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay depending on the device you’re using. Simply upload your credit/debit card information into the payment options and you can make payments anywhere that has compatible readers. It’s a very convenient option to have, but what about when you need real paper money?

Wells Fargo is making it easier for its mobile customers to do away with traditional ATM withdrawals that require a debit card and pin number for getting cold hard cash. It allows Apple and Android users to withdraw cash from ATM locations using the respective Wells Fargo apps. If you want to leave your debit card at home and leave your wallet a little lighter, simply download the Wells Fargo app in the links below.

Wells Fargo Mobile
Wells Fargo Mobile
Price: Free
Wells Fargo Mobile
Wells Fargo Mobile
Developer: Wells Fargo
Price: Free

How to access Wells Fargo Card-Free ATM Access

  1. Open the Wells Fargo app
  2. Tap on the menu icon
  3. Select Account Services
  4. Select Card-Free ATM access
  5. Tap Request Code
  6. When you’re standing in front of a Wells Fargo ATM – Select Use an Access Code on the lower right of the ATM welcome screen. When prompted, enter your code and then the PIN for your debit or ATM card.

You will then receive a code you can use at any Wells Fargo ATM that will expire within 30 minutes. So don’t request until you need it and are close to a Wells Fargo ATM. Your code is only available for one ATM transaction so don’t try to use it again – it won’t work. Repeat the instructions above to get a new code every time you want to access your account again.

If you’re having trouble verifying your account, the fastest way to associate your mobile number to your account is to call Wells Fargo customer service at 1-800-956-4442 and let them know you need an ATM access-code.

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