A broken display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can cost $300 to repair. You should consider Samsung Premium Care insurance.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be arriving as soon as next week to customers who preordered the device. It’s undoubtedly going to be one of the best performers of 2017 with its top of the line specs. The Snapdragon 835 processor matched with 6GB is sure to power through anything you can throw at it. The Infinity 6.3″ display is where the Note 8 will truly shine. A seamless design of curved glass that slides off the sides of the phone make it one of the best looking and feeling smartphones you can get today.

However, the internal specs and best in class design come with a premium price tag. The unlocked version of the Note 8 costs $930, while carrier models cost $950. The last thing you want to do is break your new Note 8. At a minimum you need to put a case on it: Samsung OEM cases are some of my favorites and can be preordered now. Accidents happen. Dropping smartphones is common with just about everyone. The Note 8’s large size and smooth exterior will make it slippery and easy to drop. As good as Gorilla Glass is these days as preventing scratches and cracks, it won’t stop the Note 8 from breaking on falls.

If the Note 8 follows the Galaxy S8+ repair fees, you can expect the glass to cost $300 to replace if you go to Samsung. If you happen to break both sides, it will set you back a cool $600 which is two-thirds the cost of the phone. I’m not one to recommend insurance plans for most devices, but in the case of the Note 8, I highly recommend you purchase Samsung Premium Care. The cost of Premium Care is $11.99 per month, but you get the first two months free.

What does Samsung Premium Care get you?

In-Person Support

Get the best, in-person support without ever having to go to a store or wait in line. You can even get a replacement phone at the time of your appointment.

Premium Protection

Samsung Premium Care covers accidental damage with a low deductible of only $99, extending your warranty for as long as you’re enrolled. And whether you need a repair or a replacement, you’ll know you’re getting original Samsung parts and expertise, so your phone is guaranteed to work like new.

Extended Warranty

Two full years of protection against all manufacturer defects.

How do I enroll in Samsung Premium Care?

You can enroll in Samsung Premium Care on Samsung.com with the purchase of a new device. Or, if you purchased your device from a carrier or an authorized retailer, you can start the Premium Care enrollment process on Samsung.com and complete the Device Validation on the Samsung+ app on your device. Click here to enroll.
After you complete enrollment, you will receive the promotional offering, and then be billed automatically once a month

What is the length of coverage?

Premium Care is provided on a monthly pay basis and is renewed upon payment of the monthly cost. Premium Care may be canceled at any time.

I highly recommend you grab Samsung Premium Care. The cost of the Note 8 is very high and if you are the type to drop your phone, it’s the insurance for you. Third-party repair companies aren’t recommended by Samsung and can void your warranty. A broken display or back will also eliminate your Note 8’s water resistance feature leaving it vulnerable to water damage.

You can learn more about Samsung Premium Care at Samsung.com.

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