Heads Up! Is Simple And Fun For Everyone (App Review)

Heads Up!
Heads Up!
Developer: Warner Bros.
Price: $0.99+

The classic game of charades just got a major upgrade. Created by the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Heads Up! is an entertaining and simple game that you can play with one friend or one hundred. All you have to do is place your phone in front of your forehead, pay attention to your friends’ clues, and guess the word that’s on your screen before the timer runs out.

How To Play

The first step in Heads Up! is choosing a category. Choose from a broad selection of celebrity names, actions, animals, movies, and accents. On the back of each card, there’s a small description of what you’re getting yourself, plus an extra challenge if you and your friends are already pros.

One you hit play, you have one minute to guess as many words as you can correctly, based on your friends’ clues or actions. If you guess correctly, tilt your phone downwards to score a point and move on to the next card. Or, if you’re spending too much time on one card and want to move on, tilt your phone upwards to pass it, and try again with a new word.

Watch It Again

Once time is up, you’ll get a summary of your round. It shows how many points your team earned, which cards you guessed correctly, and which cards you passed. However, the best part is at the very bottom — Heads Up! records video of each round so you can show your friends how they looked while acting out clues. It’s a great source of laughs, and if you want to keep the video as a fun memory, you have the option to save it to your camera roll.

Final Thoughts

Heads Up! is a simple game that provides fun entertainment for almost any occasion, from family game night to waiting in line at Disneyland. Because there’s no age limit and all of the cards are kid-friendly, Heads Up! brings everyone together and takes a classic party game to the next level. Who says all smartphone games make people antisocial?

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