Updates on the new Surface Pro

Prior to the press event in Shanghai, there was much speculation on the new Surface Pro. Microsoft confirmed at the Shanghai event that the major changes to the new Surface Pro will be under the hood. The internal changes make the best laptop-tablet hybrid even better, setting it apart even further from its competitors. Let’s take a look at the changes to the Surface Pro.


The design changes to the new Surface Pro are more subtle compared to the internal changes. The corners will be more rounded along with the a 165 degree kickstand. The increased range of motion is due to improvements in Microsoft’s next generation hinge. The extra 15 degrees added from the Surface Pro 4 will allow users to take advantage of Studio Mode, which is perfect for drawing and writing. The Surface Pro will be the first device other than the Surface Studio to take advantage of the Surface Dial.


The Surface Pro will come equipped with the new Kaby Lake chips. The three options will include: Core m3, Core i5, and Core i7. The m3 and i5 models will come fan-less, which means the Surface Pro will be virtually silent. The improved processor is a huge upgrade due to the increased battery life. Microsoft is claiming that the new Surface Pro will have 13.5 hours of battery life, which is a 50% increase compared to the Surface Pro 4. Longer battery life is huge for devices like the Surface Pro because these users are constantly on the go. The new model will also come with 4G LTE capability.

Surface Pen

The Surface Pen now comes with four times the pressure sensitivity at 4096 vs 1094. The increased pressure sensitivity along with improved tilt sensitivity makes the Surface Pen perfect for people who plan on drawing. People who plan on only writing will benefit as well due to the increase in the accuracy of the pen. The Surface Pen will also come in four different colors offering much more customizability.


The base model of the Surface Pro start at $799. This model will get you 128GB of SSD, 4GB of RAM, with an Intel Core m3 processor. Microsoft is not including a Surface Pen with the Surface Pro. This pen will be sold separately for $99. The Surface Pro Signature Type Covers will also run you $159.99. If you plan on getting the entire setup, you should expect to spend at least $1058 plus tax. For a list of all the prices, click here.


Rather than coming out with a new Surface Pro, Microsoft decided on refreshing it instead. The improved internals is a welcome addition to the Surface Pro series. The best feature is definitely the improved battery life of 13.5 hours. Every company should take a page out of Microsoft’s book and look to improve battery life in all of their products. The caveat of this new machine is the high cost. The Surface Pen is not included, which will set you out $99 right off the bat. If the price doesn’t scare you off, you should look into upgrading. I think the Surface Pro is the best 2-in-1 device out there and you should definitely get one if you need the functionality. The new Surface Pro is set to ship June 15th. To pre-order, click here.

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  1. I think Microsoft did little changes to the design of new Surface Pro. It still looks pretty similar with the predecessor. But I’m glad they finally add Surface Dial as well as the flexible hinge of Surface Studio. This is totally my dream convertible laptop.

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