Leaked Surface Pro is similar to its predecessor

Microsoft is expected to unveil the Surface Pro 4 update in Shanghai on Tuesday, May 23rd. Similar to Apple with the iPad series, Microsoft is dropping the number and simply calling it the Surface Pro.

The leaks show a design that is not much different than the current Surface Pro 4. The most significant change will be in the internals with the addition of the new Kaby Lake processors. Think of the jump from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6S. Same design with an internal refresh.

The new Surface Pro is sticking with Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connect port. Microsoft has decided to exclude a USB-C port on the Surface Pro similar to the newly announced non-detachable Surface Laptop. Microsoft believes that their Surface Connect port is a better solution for power and docking. The magnetic attachment of the Surface Connect is a major advantage over the USB-C. Many longtime Apple users were upset when Apple decided to omit one its best features, the MagSafe, with the addition of USB-C charging.

Microsoft is also updating Surface Pro accessories with the addition of four different colors for the Surface Pen. These colors match the color palette of the official Surface Type Covers.

Surface Pen color options

More information will be released after the upcoming event in Shanghai.

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