Poor battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S8? Try this simple fix.

Without question, the best Android phone of 2017 is the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and S8+). Not only does it have the best display by a wide margin, but it also has the best processor, design, build and storage options. It even runs the latest version of Android and is loaded with so many features a person could spend a year writing about them. However all of those features, TouchWiz, sometimes cause conflicts with Android apps that have not been updated.

If your Galaxy S8 is suffering from strange battery drainage, you should consider deleting all of the apps you don’t use. You should also disable the bloatware that carriers install too. There’s a good chance that your battery issues are due to an app that has not been updated to be compatible with the Galaxy S8. It might be running a process the background that doesn’t get closed and places constant stress on your battery. It’s good practice to delete apps that aren’t being used for this reason. Any major updates from Samsung to the software can sometimes cause issues within third-party apps to corrupt and place this unnecessary¬†strain on your battery. If you want to disable or delete apps, the easiest way is to long press the app you no longer want, and then select uninstall.

You can also go to the Apps folder in the Settings app, where you will get an alphabetical list of all of the installed apps on your device. From this list is where you can go through all of the apps and uninstall to your heart’s desire.

If you want to further your battery life, you can click on the Settings app and select Display. From there you can turn down the resolution which reduces the strain on your processor. I keep my Galaxy S8 set to Entertainment mode for daily use, because I like top-notch sound and displays. However when I know I will be away from a wall outlet for an extended period, I simply turn down the resolution to 1080p and get an extra couple hours of usage.

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