50 QHD and HD Wallpapers of colorful paint

If you own a current smartphone, there is a high chance it has a gorgeous display. Today’s smartphone displays are so good you can’t even see pixels anymore. Instead manufacturers are focusing on color quality and high contrast ratios. To take advantage of your high-tech displays, we’ve gathered 50 QHD and HD images of paint. Paint brings color to life and it can also bring your displays to life too. The images we’ve gathered from around the web are free to use as wallpapers on your smartphones, computers and tablets.

Instead of loading all of the images to our servers, we’ve shared them with a Google Photos folder that you can join and access anytime you’re hankering for a new background. The paint wallpapers are stunning and will make your phones look incredible.

Check out the complete gallery of 50 QHD and HD images of paint by joining this Google Photos Gallery.

Here is a small selection of our favorites:

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