Make your own beer in your kitchen with this affordable brewer

There’s some weird and wonderful things that you can find on Kickstarter, but the Pico Model C is probably both of those: An appliance to brew your own different-flavoured beers in your kitchen. Banking on the success of the original Pico, the Model C is an upgraded model that can make you beer with within a two hours, for $329.

As their Kickstarter says,

The new Pico Model C is a smart craft beer brewing appliance that allows anyone to brew 5L kegs of professional quality craft beer using ingredient-and-recipe PicoPaks from great craft breweries around the world.  Pico C builds on the technology created for its big brother, the award-winning Pico Model S but is even easier to use and more affordable.  In fact, Pico C is the easiest way to brew fresh craft beer from breweries around the world or custom craft your own brew innovations.

There are currently other models, but Pico claims that this one is by far the most economical and practical.

“With the new C keg, the entire top comes off, and the bottom is much more like a pot you put on the stove, and it’s dishwasher-cleanable,” said Bill Mitchell, PicoBrew CEO. “We also went with a much more straightforward push-on connector that’s visually obvious where it’s on or not.”

Among the different perks, you get different subscriptions to flavouring, it’s best to take a look at it for yourself though as it gets quite complicated. Previous Pico users also have an advantage as they can pledge and receive flavouring packs as well.

Given Pico’s clean and successful history, it may not be a bad idea to invest in one to have a mini-brewery running in your house.

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