Take care of your elderly ones with HoneyCo Homes

The U.S. is about to face a huge problem in the near future. What do we do about all the Baby Boomers retiring? There are government-related issues such as the distribution of Social Security benefits to such a large population. Families deal with the immediate problem of how to take care of their elderly family members. The cost of nursing homes is a staggering $81,000 a year. Elderly care is becoming an increasingly relevant topic due to the average lifespan increasing.

HoneyCo Homes is tackling this issue by implementing smart home technology as a tool to look after your loved ones. HoneyCo Homes transforms a normal house into a smart home by integrating things such as automatic stove shutoff, smart indoor climate, intelligent locks, and a remote home control. This allows a non-invasive alternative to monitoring the safety and health of your loved ones. The app will show you notifications such as if the stove has been on for over an hour and give you the option of turning it off from your phone. Any concerning home activity will promptly notify you, giving you faster response times.

This is a fantastic service that not only gives the caretaker peace of mind, but still allows independence for your elderly ones. Loss of independence is a major contributor to rapidly deteriorating health and mental well-being. From a cost standpoint, this alternative is much, much cheaper than a nursing home. The service comes with three options, each with an installation fee of $999. The setup takes about 1-2 hours. The cheapest option, Passive Safety Package, starts at $150/month. The most expensive option, Lifestyle Package, starts at $350/month. For more information, go to the HoneyCo Homes website.

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