Top Ten: Bluetooth Speakers under $50

In a time when budget offerings are becoming the norm, it can be a difficult decision in choosing an affordable Bluetooth speaker when so many are available. Here at deTeched, we understand your plight and have curated a list of Bluetooth Speakers under $50, from our personal experience and from Amazon ratings. Here’s a roundup of the speakers to summarize it, the speakers are in no particular order:

    1. Anker Soundcore – $35
    2. DKnight Soundcore -$29.99
    3. JBL Clip 2 – $39.99
    4. Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3- $34.99
    5. Omaker M4 – $25.99
    6. Willnorn Soundplus -$29.99
    7. EasyACC Mini -$14.99
    8. SoundBot SB510 HD – $14.99
    9. CB3 Ultra Slim – $50
    10. Meidong QQ Chocolate $29.99

Anker Soundcore

Anker is a well known audio company, and one of our their budget offerings is also one of our favourite: the Anker Soundcore. The speaker has a battery life that can last for over 24 hours, and the best part is that the playback quality is almost unheard of in this range. The dual drivers and spiral bass port combine to eliminate distortion at any point in the frequency range. The design is a bit uninspiring, but we wouldn’t hold it against it.

The Soundcore can be brought from for $35.

DKnight Magicbox II

As someone who personally uses this speaker, I highly recommend it. Although no one really knows who DKnight are, their speakers are not at all bad and are another brand that should be considered. The durable build quality is nothing to sniff at, and the sound quality itself is quite decent, and will get the job done. It may rattle off your desk due to the extreme bass that it is capable of producing, but don’t expect any further miracles from it…

The Magicbox II can be brought from for $29.99

JBL Clip 2

A well known brand, JBL continues to pump out a variety of audio products – this particular one the JBL Clip 2. Although the audio is touted as average, the IPX7 rating means that it is basically waterproof and shockproof, making it extremely ideal for the outdoors and young children. The battery comes in at 8 hours, which is also reasonably acceptable.

The Clip 2 can be brought from for $39.99, it is JBL refurbished. A new one will set you back about $55.

Cambridge Soundworks OontZ Angle 3 Plus

You’re not the only one, that name is indeed quite a mouthful. But so is the battery: coming in at a whooping 30 hours of playback, this makes the speaker a very attractive offering. Especially so if you need playback for extended bouts of time. The Amazon reviews also say that the sound is good for the price and that the bass is also pretty decent, so this is certainly not a bad offer to consider. It is also water resistant, offering some durability for users.

The speaker can be brought from for $34.99

Omaker M4

Apparently the audio on this one isn’t as up to scratch as compared to others, but you should still consider it. Firstly, because it has a IP54 rating along with a very rugged design, making it ideal for outside use. Also, it has some neat features like NFC which allows easy collection, along with a respectable battery life of 12 hours. Coming in at $25.99, this makes it a really good choice for the young ones.

The Omaker 4 can be brought from for $25.99

Willnorn Soundplus

The Soundplus is another all-rounder – it has good sound, bass and a durable build. 24 hours of battery life also makes this an attractive offer. The built-in NFC sweetens the deal, and the look and appearance isn’t half bad either. You can’t go wrong with this one.

The Soundplus can be brought from for $29.99

EasyAcc Mini

EasyAcc is no stranger to the market – they have a wide variety of goods ranging from battery to chargers. In this case, it’s a compact speaker. Although it costs less than $15, it comes fully loaded with features like a SD card slot, FM radio, a microphone, and even a metal build – things you won’t typically find on any budget speaker. The battery life is expectantly mediocre due to the small size, coming in at around five hours. The sound is touted as average, with surprisingly decent bass. Just don’t expect it to get very loud.

The Mini can currently be brought for $14.99 from

Soundbot SB510 HD

This is another great $15 speaker that may appeal to those looking for a quick buy. The SB10 may not have all the features as the EasyAcc Mini, but it comes with a suction cup and is advertised as water resistant. The build is also durable and rubberized. Again, the small size limits the battery life to around six hours, but it’s truly ideal for toddlers and young kids thanks to the cheap price and durability.

The Soundbot can be brought from for $14.99

CB3 Ultra Slim

Coming in at $50, the CB3 should tick all the boxes in the budget range. It has a metal build, 12W speakers (most of the speakers here are 10W or 8W), and high volume with minimal distortion.

The CB3 can currently be brought from for $49.99

Meidong QQ Chocolate

Despite the name, the QQ Chocolate actually appears to be quite a solid offering. The speaker offers loud sound without distortion and also has decent bass, the battery life is however nothing special at around 10 hours. It also features a dedicated system within the speaker comprising of different chambers to ensure that the output is clear at all volume levels.

The QQ Chocolate can be brought from for $29.99

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