How to fix your iPhone X battery drain

I’ve been using the iPhone X for just over a month now and think it’s one of the best phones you can get right now. Face ID is every bit as good as advertised. It crushed expectations which is why we aren’t seeing crazy stories about Face ID not working. It works at night, it works with sunglasses and/or hats on, and it blows away using a fingerprint reader. After Face ID, I can’t get enough of the gorgeous AMOLED display with tiny bezels. The iPhone X is so easy to use and is the right size. However, I have experienced one issue, and that was with the battery randomly draining for the past few days. This was an issue I normally only see on Androids and sadly came to the realization that it can happen to iPhones too. Luckily with my experience with random battery drain, I had the issue solved and it wasn’t all too difficult to fix.

Here’s how I fixed battery drain on the iPhone X.

I.T. Rule #1 – Restart

The first thing you should always do is restart your phone. There are thousands of things that the iPhone X does and sometimes one of them gets stuck causing battery drain. A restart might fix the problem, but it’s probably something else.

Did you recently install a new app?

The highest chance of the root of what’s causing the battery drain is a rogue app. The iPhone X needs slightly modified versions of apps to accommodate the larger display. Whenever you install a new app, there’s a good chance it has a bug in it that causes your iPhone X to drain faster than you’d like. Apple software updates can also cause apps to break which is why you frequently see battery drainage after a major update.

The easiest way to handle this issue is to uninstall the app. If you need the app, try checking the App Store for updates. Make sure to keep all of your apps up to date as app developers are usually on top of their bugs and will get them sorted out ASAP.

This issue happened to my iPhone X with the Door Dash food delivery app, and once I uninstalled the app my iPhone X battery went back to its normal self and got me all day battery life. Before that, my phone would lose 50% of its power within four hours and minimal on-screen time.

You can check Battery usage within Settings

If you open the Settings app, there’s a feature you can open called Battery. By clicking on Battery, you can see a breakdown of your app’s usage and how it affects battery life. If you have a rogue app, it might not show itself on the list since the iPhone can’t account for that significant battery drain.

Stick with Safari over Chrome

I’m a huge fan of Google and its products like Gmail, Chrome, and Drive. However, Chrome is a known culprit of battery strain on iOS devices. Apple’s Safari is much more power efficient than Chrome and it even natively blocks some ads. Chrome doesn’t block ads since it’s Google main source of revenue, and most of you are probably fed up with ads. So stick with Safari as your main web browser.

If all else fails…

You can always restore your phone to factory settings.

  1. Goto Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Tap Reset
  4. Select erase all content and settings

If that doesn’t work then make an appointment at an Apple Store to get it looked at by the Genius Bar.

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