50 Scenic Winter QHD Wallpapers Perfect For Any OLED Display

Most people think that when December 1st rolls around that it is winter time. Did you know that there are two ways to define the first day of winter? The meteorological winter is what we are familiar with and starts on December 1st. The astronomical winter which is determined by Earth’s relation to its orbit around the sun actually started this year on December 21st.

Winter in San Diego doesn’t really feel like winter. It doesn’t really start getting cold until January rolls around. Plus, we don’t see snow unless we travel north towards Mammoth. I am jealous of our northern neighbors who get the full winter experience with falling snow. It creates a beautiful scenery that in my opinion is unmatched by any other season.

With that being said, click here to view 50 Scenic Winter QHD Wallpapers perfect for any OLED display.

Here are some of our favorite scenic winter wallpapers:

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