5 awful gifts under $25 for those of you who hate White Elephant parties

It happens every year. A holiday party where you’re required to take part in a White Elephant gift exchange. Yes, I know, most of you probably love these funny gift exchanges, but I hate them with a passion. I think it’s a huge waste of money and get annoyed people don’t leave the option of not participating open (I mostly hate this since my coworkers make me take part) to those of us who hate this seasonal tradition. No one ever wants these gifts and they eventually end up in the trash.

If you’re a Scrooge like me (I’m not really a Scrooge, I would rather see this money donated to a good cause), I’ve put together 5 awful gifts that might bring a smile to your face. 🙂

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game – $13.99 at Amazon

Need I say more? LOL.

Donald Talking Pen – $19.99 at Amazon

Live in a liberal state like me (California)? This Donald Trump pen has 8 real sayings with his real voice. It’s sure to anger those around you, although there are a few of you who might actually like this pen. No matter if you like it or not, it’s sure going to cause a stir at your holiday party and will be a source of entertainment.

Dad Bag Fake Belly Waist Pack – $14.99 at Amazon

I would take bets that 50% of the gift recipients would say “what the hell is this?” and you could just laugh as you think of them wearing this around town. It’s a fanny pack with a picture of a chubby and hairy belly which is absolutely hilarious.

2018 People of Walmart Boxed Calendar: 365 Days of Shop and Awe – $11.60 at Amazon

Not only is this a useless gift since no one actually uses paper calendars anymore, but they have to look at 365 days of funny people at Walmart.

Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder – $11.96 at Amazon

Yes, this is a fake horse head that is used to feed squirrels. Not only will you help your co-workers or friends attract more vermin to their homes, but you’ll also get to see them feed through the inside of the horse head so it actually looks like they’re wearing it. Classic.

If you find yourself stuck in ANOTHER WHITE ELEPHANT party, do yourself a favor and be “that person”. You might get a good laugh out of it.

Bah humbug.

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