These USB LED’s make the perfect emergency light

Let’s face it: USB ports are all around us. Your laptop and battery pack are just some of the items lying around your house with the ubiquitous port on them. What’s more, is that both these items have their independent power supply, meaning that if the power goes out, they can carry on running off their own battery. For some time, at least.

This makes these items a great host for a USB LED light. By plugging in one of these nifty gadgets into your ports, you can get quite a decent level of light during a blackout. The USB LED simply goes into any USB port and immediately starts to shine.

I’ve used these on several occasions and they’re the perfect solution at a cheap price.

If you’re willing to dig out a bit more cash, you can get the upgraded model which can detect light,  and comes with a sensitivity adjustment as well. The screw on the top USB in the above image is how you adjust this sensitivity of the light detector. This light sensor automatically turns the USB on or off depending on the light levels.

They do not draw much electricity from their hosts, meaning that your battery pack or laptop battery life will hardly be affected by them.

These nifty gadgets come in different sizes, as well as warm or cool lighting. They can be purchased here from

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