Kickstarter of the week: Commuter II Series Duffle Bag and Tote Bag

Whether you’re a student or work full-time, you’re most likely spending a majority of your weekdays away from home. The right bag is critical when it comes to carrying around your daily essentials. Most duffle bags are great to take to the gym, but aren’t the best option keeping your laptop safe. I’ve tried many different backpacks and duffle bags, but I find that most are good for only a single purpose. I came across an exciting Kickstarter from Unsettle&Company, that provides an all-in-one solution to your everyday commuting needs.

The Commuter II Series from Unsettle&Company is geared towards the everyday commuter. Their duffle bag concept was inspired by a lack of functionality of most yoga mat bags. Despite being inspired by yoga, the Commuter Duffle Bag is much more than just a bag for your yoga mat.

The Commuter Duffle Bag is incredibly versatile

If you could describe the Commuter Duffle Bag in one word, it would be adaptable. Don’t feel like carrying the duffle bag by the handles? No problem, it comes with tuckable backpack straps to wear as a backpack. This feature comes in clutch when it comes to travelling. Carrying a heavier bag is much easier when you carry it as a backpack because the load weight is evenly spread out.

The duffle bag features a rolltop design that can expand from 40L to 62L. This gives you the flexibility to turn your everyday bag into a travel bag that can fit enough clothes and accessories for a 3-5 night trip. There is even a shoe compartment to prevent getting your clothes dirty.

The Commuter Duffle Bag has a double-wall padded compartment that can fit up to a 17-inch laptop. Aqua-Guard zippers prevent water from seeping in to protect your laptop when it’s raining. The entire duffle bag is made with a water-resistant coated nylon a fabric.

Yoga-lovers rejoice! The shoulder strap doubles as a yoga mat strap. The cam-buckle design is easily adjustable to comfortably carry around your yoga mat. This modular option lets you carry just your yoga mat into the studio instead of bringing your entire bag.

A modern commuter’s tote bag

The Commuter Tote Bag follows the same adaptable design if you prefer to carry your daily essentials over your shoulder. The handles are easily adjustable to let you comfortably carry in your hand or over your shoulder. The tote bag comes with an Unroll Tool Roll, which can be completely detached from the Velcro lining. This is perfect for storing accessories such as your phone, pens, or calculator.

The tote bag comes with the same water-resistant nylon fabric along with Aqua-Guard zippers to keep water out. The exterior has a hidden pocket for easily accessible items. The interior has different compartments to help keep you organized.

Stand out from the crowd

There are Velcro patches on the outside of the Commuter Duffle Bag and Commuter Tote bag. These are used to attach fun embroidery patches to show off your unique personality and show off your style. The Velcro attachment prevents damage to your bag compared to permanently stitching an embroidery patch on. To see a list of cool embroidery patches, click here.

I love backpacks and the Commuter Duffle Bag from Unsettle&Company is something I am extremely excited for. The versatility of the bag really does provide an all-in-one solution to your everyday needs. I’ve never come across a duffle/backpack hybrid that is functional and looks as aesthetically pleasing as this. To get more information about this awesome product, click here to visit the Kickstarter page.

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