CHOETECH USB-C Wireless Charger: A cheap alternative to OEM wireless charging pads (review)

Some of the recent Android smartphone releases take advantage of Qi wireless charging which is a nice technology to have if you’re tired of plugging in cables. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and LG’s G6 are the most recent Android devices that come to mind with built-in wireless charging. Samsung’s new wireless charger, while nicely designed, is a pricey option at $89.99. Even Samsung’s wireless charger from last year is still a bit expensive at $59.99, especially when you consider there are no-frills third-party chargers that can do it at a fraction of the price.

One of those affordable chargers is the USB-C Wireless Charger from CHOETECH which costs just $12.99 at Amazon.

I’ve been a fan of CHOETECH for a couple of years now as it is one of the more reliable third-party accessory makers out of China that sells exclusively through Amazon. Selling direct to consumers through Amazon reduces the overhead cost of competing for shelf space at stores like Best Buy and Target, and that allows it to offer its product at consumer friendly prices.

It’s latest USB-C wireless charger is a simple matte plastic pad that charges Qi compatible devices. Instead of using micro USB as the charging input, CHOETECH opted for USB-C and even included a free cable which costs $5.99 on its own. It’s also a cable most of us need since USB-C is the new standard for Android devices. On top of the charging pad are four rubber/silicone strips that help keep slippery devices from sliding off, and there’s also an LED light in the front to let you know that it is actively charging.

I’ve been using the CHOETECH wireless charger for the past couple of weeks with my Samsung Galaxy S8+, and LG G6 before that, and it has been working as advertised. Unfortuneately it doesn’t offer Fast Wireless charging, but that’s a compromise I’m willing to take with a $12.99 price tag and free USB-C cable. There’s nothing fancy about the CHOETECH USB-C Wireless charger, and that’s okay since it sits on my nightstand and charges my phone while I sleep. It’s powerful enough to charge through any cases I am using which is nice since I don’t need to take my Galaxy S8+ out of its case before I charge it.

Overall, the CHOETECH USB-C Wireless Charger is a nice option for those of you who aren’t looking for Fast Wireless Charging and don’t want to spend a lot of money to go wireless. It’s also a nice option for those who want additional wireless chargers for their offices or travel bags. At $12.99 at Amazon, you can’t go wrong with the CHOETECH USB-C Wireless charger.


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