End broken charging cables with Anker’s Powerline+ Lightning cable (review)

One of the worst things about owning an iPhone or iPad is the Lightning charging cable from Apple. The charging cable has the same basic design it had when it was released several years ago, with its USB plug and Lightning plug on opposite ends wrapped in plastic. The worst thing about the cable from Apple is it always breaks and eventually needs to replaced. Almost as bad, is its replacement price of $19 from Apple, where it has a meager one star review out of five. Instead of replacing your broken cable with one that is going to break, you should consider Anker’s ultra-strong Powerline+ Lightning cable.

Anker’s Powerline+ Lightning cable is priced at $13.99 on Amazon with free Prime shipping, and quite frankly, it’s a must buy if you’re in need of a new charging cable for your iPad or iPhone. It is designed to last up to six times longer than the OEM version. It has a braided cover that is extremely tough, so much so that it is rated to hold 176 pounds without breaking. I can’t think of a scenario where you would be using the Anker Powerline+ Lightning cable to carry 176 pounds, but that toughness does translate into a more durable cable. I’ve bent, stepped, twisted and mangled my Anker Powerline+ cable for the past few weeks, and minus a bit of dirt, it still performs like new. The Anker Powerline+ Lightning cable is the same length as the standard OEM cable at three feet, but you can also get the 6ft model for a few dollars more if you need the extra distance. Both versions come with a protective case, which has a velcro tie inside, to give your Anker cable extra protection while you travel. It makes for a much cleaner experience in your backpack, purse or laptop bag too.

I wish Apple would redesign its Lightning cable to be more durable so I wouldn’t need to buy a replacement, but Anker did it and the Powerline+ Lightning cable is a cheaper option too. It also comes with an 18-month warranty, so you can get it replaced for free if it does happen to break on you. That’s six months longer than Apple’s 12 month warranty on its cable.

If you need a replacement Lightning cable, or simply need another for your home, office or automobile, take a look at Anker’s Powerline+ Lightning cable at Amazon for $13.99. It’s a superior option to the OEM cable from Apple and should outlast your smartphone or tablet.


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