Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ LED Wallet Cover: Custom make your own LED notifications (review)

It goes without question that the all new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are two of the best made Android devices you can get today. Its hardware is so well-designed that it makes the Google Pixel and Apple iPhone seem extremely dated. The Infinity Display is drop dead gorgeous – with minimal bezels and a curved display wrapped in polished metal is a design that makes me think of high-end automobiles from Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. It has all of the features anyone could want and more.

As gorgeous as the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are, they’re fragile since they are made of glass on the front and back. If you go without insurance, it could cost up to $270 per side to replace the glass if you crack it. While cracked glass may not seem like a big deal, it does remove the ability for the phones to stay water-resistant. It also makes the phone look ugly which is why you should definitely invest in a case.

One of my favorite cases so far is the official Samsung LED Wallet Cover made for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Keep in mind, this review is for the S8+, but both phones are identical, besides the size, so the LED Wallet Cover for the Galaxy S8 with the 5.8″ display will perform identically.

Samsung has been making the LED Wallet Cover for several generations of its flagship phones and it’s easily one of the cases that get overlooked for cheaper options found on Amazon. It’s not cheap at $59.99, but it offers more than just protection. There are LED lights built into the cover that are powered using NFC instead of an internal battery, meaning you never have to charge it, and it can notify you of what is going on with your phone without having to open it.

LED Wallet Cover showing music playing on the Galaxy S8+

Notifications LEDs:

  • Time
  • Alarms
  • Incoming and missed calls
  • Battery charging
  • Incoming and unread messages
  • Low battery alert
  • Music playing and volume control
  • Custom caller ID icons for specific callers

The main feature is obviously the LED notifications which are awesome, but protection is just as good too. The Wallet Cover is a flip-style case that protects the sides, back, and front of the Galaxy S8+. There’s a hard internal frame to protect the corners and sides from drops, with very soft internal and external covering that looks and feels like a premium canvas material. Where official Samsung cases shine, similar to OEM Apple cases, is the high-end design and manufacturing that make its build a notch above third-party cases.

You’ve spent quite a bit of money on your S8 and S8+, so why ruin the overall premium feel and look with a $5 case from Amazon?

Having the flip cover is a key factor in deciding to go with this cover, as third-parties have a hard time making a screen protector that can manage to fit properly due to the curved edges of the display. Rather than fight with a screen protector that either doesn’t cover the edges or bubbles and lifts off the edges, I’d rather just have a screen cover to protect it. With most wallet cases, you have to open the front cover to see what’s going on underneath it, but with the Samsung LED Wallet Cover it can tell you everything you need to know at a quick glance. It looks cool doing it too.

As soon as you install your phone into the case, which takes a few seconds, your phone will have an app pop-up called LED icon editor. Within that app, you can turn the LED notifications On/Off, assign LED icons to specific people or apps, and you can even create your own custom LED notification. For my case, I created a custom San Francisco Giants LED icon for the MLB At Bat app. Whenever the Giants start a game it sends me a notification on my LED flip cover. You can create your own with names, pictures or anything else that can fit into the LED display.

The default icons for text messages, calls, music and battery levels are already built-in so you don’t have to assign those icons. You only need to assign icons to specific activities or people if you desire to do so. The build quality and features are second to none and I highly recommend you at check out the official Samsung LED Wallet Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

It comes in four colors: Black, Blue, Silver and Orchid Gray. The retail price is $59.99 and it can be purchased at Samsung, Amazon and Best Buy.

7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ LED Wallet Cover: Custom make your own LED notifications (review)

  1. I use the Samsung cover (see thru window) note 3 note4 s4 and s5. They are excellent all around and have lasted years. I would buy for s8 too. Samsung often has a sale price ; look for it.

  2. Email Notifications including counter for unread messages is not working in my S8 with LED View Cover.
    I tried Samsung Mail App and Gmail App.
    There is just no visible notification on new emails, just sound.
    Of course i can Design a Mail-Symbol on my own, but in this Solution, there is no Option for an unread-Counter.

  3. Yes. Please answer this question. HOW DO WE CLEAN THIS ITEM?
    I have the Grey one for my Samsung S8 Plus and it is getting dirty.
    What options do I have to keep it clean?

  4. Please advise how we are able to clean the cover?? Mine was beige and is steadily becoming greige!
    Love its functions …not so sure that the fabric choice will stand the test of time though which is a pity after spending so much on it.

    • I’m not an expert in cleaning cases. However, if I were to attempt cleaning it myself, I would take a soft damp cloth, with water only, hold it against the case to let the dirt absorb some water to soften, and then just wipe it down.

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