Top 10: Tech Backpacks Under $100

I was recently watching a YouTube video titled something along the lines of “Best Tech Bags”. I was appalled at some of the choices that were shown on the clip. Not only were they hideous, but most some were in the ballpark of $200.

I’ve always hated the design geared towards “tech bag”. They all seem to share a big, bulky design featuring enough pockets for 10 lbs worth of tech. Let’s be real, most people do not carry an entire backpack worth of tech to get their work done. This is why I am giving you a list of 10 tech backpacks under $100 that won’t make you look like a turtle. If you don’t care about your appearance and care more about “function”, you can stop reading and go be a Ninja Turtle somewhere else.

STM Prime $79.95

This is smaller, lightweight backpack that can fit a 13-inch laptop. There is also a sleeve to fit your tablet as well. The backpack uses slingtech protection, which suspends your laptop and tablet above the bottom of the backpack. This is to protect your valuable laptop from hitting the ground with high impact when dropping your backpack to the ground. Inner compartment provides you with compartments for your accessories. This is a smaller backpack with a capacity of around 15L.

STM Haven $99.95

This is another STM bag that is geared towards power users. The backpack is able to fit a 15-inch laptop and provides more room than the Prime with a capacity of 20L. This also features the slingtech protection along with STM’s cable ready organisation. The cable ready organisation functions as cable management inside your backpack so you can charge your phone in one pocket connected to a portable battery in another pocket.

Kopack Slim $36.99

The Kopack Slim as the name states is a slimmer backpack that can fit most 15-inch laptops. The nylon material is water-resistant and tear-resistant. The straps feature an S-shaped design that is more ergonomic compared to other backpacks. The backpack has an anti-theft zipper mechanism keeping your valuables safe.

Spigen Klasden 3 $79.99

Spigen is famous for the awesome phone cases that it puts out. You can bet Spigen makes a backpack geared for your tech. The Klasden 3 can fit a 15-inch laptop. The sleeve dedicated for your laptop features a clasp that will securely hold your laptop and tablet. The outer material is durable and weather-resistant making it a solid backpack to commute in.

Incase City $82.00

The Incase City has a slim profile that can fit up to a 15-inch laptop. The design of the backpack is sturdy so that the top of the backpack won’t slouch. This is a light, compact backpack geared towards carrying the bare essentials. There is also a padded sleeve to keep your tablet safe.

Timbuk2 Parkside $69

Timbuk2 is a company based in San Francisco that builds backpacks that last a lifetime. The quality of the material is top-notch coupled with great customer service. The Parkside fits a 15-inch laptop and has a roomy interior to fit layers of clothes and shoes. The coolest thing about this backpack is that it has a bottle opener on the strap to open a cold one after a long day.

RAINS Waterproof Mini $95

The RAINS Waterproof Mini features a modern design for those that are sick of the standard backpack design. This backpack is the smallest of this list with a capacity of 10L. It can fit a 13-inch laptop and only has one main compartment. If you care more about fashion and just want to keep your tech safe this is a great choice for you.

Everlane Modern Snap $68

Everlane is a company that I love. They are incredibly transparent about their pricing and how their products are made. I’ve had one of its backpacks that I still use to this day. The Everlane Modern Snap has a water-resistant cotton twill exterior. This backpack is actually bigger than it looks with a capacity of 19L. You’ll be able to fit in a 15-inch laptop with ease. The best part is that the front kind of looks like a gorilla’s face.

The North Face Microbyte $85

I had a North Face Hot Shot backpack that lasted through college. I beat the living hell out of that thing and after 4 years, it still looked brand new. The Microbyte has a streamline profile designed for the commuter. You don’t want a bulky, heavy bag when you are taking the train everyday to get to work. The backpack has a capacity of 17L and can fit a 13-inch laptop. A cool feature is that it has a lie-flat compartment for your laptop that is TSA approved. This lets you get through airport security with ease.

Timbuk2 Tuck Pack $79

The Timbuk2 Tuck Pack sports a classic roll top look. This backpack is designed for the commuter who rides a bike. The zippers are reflective and there is a vista loop for attaching bike lights. The spacious interior can fit a 15-inch laptop. The material is made of a lightweight polyester.

Finding a good backpack is imperative not only for protection, but also for your health. Cheap backpacks have a tendency to have very little support. Lugging around a backpack with poor support can have detrimental effects on your back, spine, and shoulder health. Think of the $100 as an investment for something you will most likely use everyday. Whether you are a student or work a full-time job, there is always use for a good backpack.

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