Keep track of your pet’s well-being with the all new Fuzzy app for Android and iOS

My dog, Taro, and I had a conversation about how she’s going to live to thirty years old. She agreed and that way I don’t have to deal with watching her get sick and old until I’m in my golden years too. The reality is, Taro is almost nine and her age is already slowing her down. She has achy legs, gray hair and is showing her age with grace.

I’ve grown up with pets my entire life and find them essential in making up my family. From the moment I adopted her at six months old – happy, well behaved, sweet – she has always filled my life with joy and love. Even with arthritis she continues to get up and greet me at the door like I haven’t seen her in a year. I’m lucky she found her way to make my life fuller and her happiness helped me get through some of the roughest years of my life. She was even there for me when my cat, Poi, passed away from brain cancer this year.

If you have pets, you know exactly what I am describing here. Pets are incredible. Taro was abandoned at a foreclosed home for a month before someone brought her to a shelter, and you would never know through her personality. The first thing I do when I wake up is take her out to go potty, and then as soon as I get home I take her to the dog park where she gets her daily exercise. We also walk every night when I wrap up and close the laptop. And then we hit the sack – she has her bed right by mine and we end our day peacefully. I need her as much as she needs me.

Where am I going with this story?

Like I said, pets are important. People like me even consider them our children. So why not manage their health better?

With today’s technology there is no excuse not to.

Fuzzy, a subscription-based pet healthcare provider, released an app for all pet lovers on Android and iOS to manage their pet’s health better.While American’s can remedy and mask a wide variety of health issues, pets cannot. Unlike humans, pets can’t tell us when they’re feeling sick, nor do they have an endless budget to take care of them if they don’t keep up their health.

The Fuzzy Pet Health App is free to download and starts you off by giving you a quiz to test your pet’s well-being.



After answering a set of basic questions, it gives your pet an overall health score. From there you can read about how to improve your pet’s well-being with tips, educational articles, and reminders for reminding you to brush their teeth, give them their meds, or take them for a walk.

The coolest feature of the app is the ability to track down their vet records. Once you give a little background with your pet’s name, your name, city and clinic name, Fuzzy can even request the records so you can keep track of your pet’s health history all within the app. Preventative medicine is the best kind for staying healthy and fit. It’s why we humans see our doctors regularly, eat right, exercise and get the right amount of sleep. A pet’s needs are no different than ours. They not only need emotional care, but health care too.


It literally takes less than five minutes to download the app and get through the the quiz. It’s a minimal investment for your precious pet and can go a long way in keeping them healthy for as long as their genes will let them live.

Learn more about the free pet app at Fuzzy. It’s time I close the computer and walk with Taro. She’s pawing at my leg.

Taro at dog beach in Del Mar, CA.
Taro at dog beach in Del Mar, CA.

Currently available in San Francisco, Bay Area and expanding to other markets in 2017, Fuzzy offers a subscription health program for pets and their parents. For a low monthly fee of $45, all of your pet’s basic healthcare needs are covered. A Fuzzy subscription includes:

  • Two in-home wellness visits every year with our veterinarians and their assistants that includes a full nose-to-tail assessment of your fur baby
  • All necessary vaccines for puppies, kittens and adult animals
  • Annual fecal flotation to check for intestinal parasites
  • Annual heartworm testing
  • Microchipping and registration
  • Flea, tick, heartworm and intestinal parasite preventive medication for the full-year delivered straight to your door
  • Digital access to our veterinary team
  • Health records and reminders


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