50 Minimalist QHD Wallpapers to Get Your Superhero Fix

2017 was a huge year for superhero films. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Logan, and Thor: Ragnarok are just a few of the many films that were a hit this year. My favorite superhero movie was without a doubt, Logan. I grew watching the X-Men series and if I had to pick any superpower it would be Wolverine’s ability to heal. It was pretty heartbreaking to see Logan and Charles Xavier so vulnerable in their old age. It was a great send-off for such an iconic group of superheroes.

I love superheroes so I compiled a list of 50 minimalist QHD wallpapers of our favorite superheroes. These wallpapers will look great on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Image files, especially high-resolution ones, can get quite large so we’ve uploaded all of them to a free public gallery on Google Photos to keep our servers running at optimal speeds. Feel free to download any of the wallpapers at any time.

Click here to view the entire album of QHD superhero wallpapers.

Here’s a small preview of the gallery.

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