A Google Photos Photo Book might get you out of Valentine’s Day trouble

If you’ve waited this long to book Valentine’s day dinner or to order flowers for your significant other, you might have waited too long. While many might hate this so-called “Hallmark Holiday”, it’s still a favorite of many as it is a day to celebrate love. No matter your own personal thoughts, if your significant other wants to celebrate, you better do your part to please him or her. It’s certainly much easier to give in rather than to deal with the fallout of not taking her to dinner or getting him a nice gift. But the reality is, Valentine’s day is just one day out of the year to appreciate the one you love. I’m sure you love your partner all of the other days of the year too, but it’s one day to reflect on everything you have together and it’s a time to be grateful for even having found that someone special.

So if you’ve waited this long, and you want to still get the right gift, you should consider getting a Google Photos Photo Book for your loved one. A Photo Book from Google Photos requires you to use the digital service to back up all of your photos. If you’re an Android user, you’re most likely using Google Photos already so that’s one step done. If you’re a savvy iPhone user who doesn’t like paying for cloud fees, you’re probably using Google Photos since it comes with free unlimited storage. And if you’re one who doesn’t use it, you simply need a Google/Gmail account to get started. Simply create an account and upload all of your photos from your phone (download the Google Photos app) or computer and then you can get started on creating your Photo Book. No, it may not reach you in time, but it will have a strong impact once your loved one receives it and you can even show him/her a digital copy before it arrives to show that you actually put in the effort.

Creating a Photo Book is super easy and intuitive. All you have to do is go to the Google Photos app (on the web is easiest), select Photo Book in the bottom left of the menu, and click start a new book.

From there Google will ask you to select 1-100 photos (take the time to find meaningful pictures) and it will auto format the pictures in a way it thinks is best. If you want to customize your layout, simply drag and drop photos in the order or sizing that you prefer. You can add a title to your cover to complete the process and add it to your cart. Pricing is based on a hard or soft cover option and also how many pages you decide you want. Prices are rather reasonable with soft cover options starting around $10 and it takes about 10-14 days to complete. Again, it’s already too late to reach your loved one in time, but it will show that you actually put thought into your gift and considered making your loved one special.

Learn more at Google Photos.

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