10 Essential accessories for the Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft’s second rendition of the Surface Book is proof that you need to give manufacturers a little time to work out the bugs. While the first Surface Book was great in concept, the hinge and top heaviness made it a little less than ideal for portable use. With a stronger hinge, better weight distribution, better battery life, a larger screen variant, and a whole host of other upgrades, the Surface Book 2 isn’t only a competitor to the MacBook, but it might even be better. Some of us are stuck with Microsoft because we work in business environments, but Microsoft also offers more third-party software that supports industries outside of video editing and photography which is what Mac is typically known for being best at. The Surface Book 2 is the pinnacle of portables in the PC arena, and if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it, you should consider making it a little bit better with these 10 essential accessories listed below.

Logitech MX Master 2S

If you use your Surface Book 2 at a desk or table, one accessory you should get is a wireless mouse. It’s not that we don’t think the trackpad on the Surface Book 2 is anything but great, but controlling your computer is a whole lot easier with a mouse. Precision and detail are key when it comes to the Logitech MX Master 2S that connects over Bluetooth so you don’t have to waste your precious USB ports. It has an internal battery that can be recharged for up to 70-day battery life, and it’s more ergonomic than the smaller mouse that can strain your hands and wrists. It can be purchased for $95.99 at Amazon or Best Buy.

Megoo Screen Protector

The Surface Book 2 is not what anyone would call affordable with a starting price tag at $1499. Make sure you protect that gorgeous display with a screen protector which is, by all means, a cheap investment at just $23 from Megoo. It’s a true glass screen protector that will protect your display from fingerprints, scratches, and cracks when you’re using the Surface Book 2 as a true tablet. You protect your smartphone, so do it for your laptop as well.

STM Banks Backpack

We’re big fans of STM bags. The STM Banks is one of the most comfortable bags you can get, and it can fit your 13″ or 15″ Surface Book 2 with plenty of room to spare for your daily carry items. It has an organization bag specifically for wires and chargers, water bottles pockets, and slots for paperwork and documents. You can even easily fit a jacket or hoodie in the main compartment. The Banks can be purchased at STM or Amazon for $129.95.

Surface Pen

The Microsoft Surface Pen is the most realistic stylus we’ve ever used, way more than even the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro. The newest Surface Pen is built of a metal alloy that makes it feel comfortable in hand and is the exact same size as a traditional ballpoint pen that we’re so used to holding. It also comes with a soft eraser tip on the back side for an easier interfacing in deleting accidental notes or drawing on the Surface. It’s not cheap at $100, but it’s one of our favorite accessories. It can be purchased at Amazon, Microsoft or Best Buy.

Surface Dial

The Surface Dial is one of Microsoft’s newest accessories that is designed to help those creative types. It connects over Bluetooth and can be used on the touch display of the Surface Book 2 to adjust color settings, zoom in/out, adjust volume or even skip through tracks on Spotify or Groove Music. Prices start at $83 at Amazon and Microsoft.

Xbox Wireless Controller

Feel free to have a little fun and enjoy true Xbox games with the Microsoft Xbox Wireless controller. You Surface Book 2 15″ comes with discrete graphics that allow it to play real games without owning an actual Xbox. The controller is a lot easier to use than a mouse and keyboard and brings RPG and shooters to life. It’s on sale at Amazon for $49.95 and is fully compatible with your Surface Book 2.

Microsoft Display Adapter

If you ever want to use an external monitor with your Surface Book 2, the Display Adapter from Microsoft will allow you to do just that. Simply plug the HDMI portion of the adapter to your TV or monitor, and connect the USB portion to a power adapter and you can wirelessly display what’s on your Surface Book 2 without any additional wires. Prices start at $47 at Amazon and Microsoft.

SanDisk 256GB SD Card

If you’re one who needs more storage space, you should consider grabbing an SD card that can live in the SD card slot on your Surface Book 2. You can instantly upgrade your storage with an additional 256GB with this SanDisk SD card and it’s just $120 at Amazon. This one has an ultra-fast write speed of 90MB/s which is even fast enough for 4K video.

QacQoc USB-C Hub

A downside to any ultra-portable laptop is limited ports. The Surface Book 2 is no exception to minimal ports with just two USB ports and one USB C port. Luke reviewed this USB-C hub from QacQoc and found it to be a favorite. Simply plug in the USB plug into the side of your Surface Book 2 and you now have access to three more USB ports, an HDMI out, Ethernet and another SD card slot. It’s got a great metal build for high durability and comes with a reasonable price tag of $60 at Amazon.

Satechi Bluetooth Pointer

With USB ports in short supply on the Surface Book 2, you’re not going to want to clog them up with dongles for accessories like pointers and clickers. That’s why we love Satechi’s Smart Presenter Remote since it connects over Bluetooth instead of using a dongle. It has a built-in laser pointer and is even compatible with devices like iPads and iPhones. It’s $44.95 at Amazon.


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