Check out this awesome infographic for improving your cellular reception

No matter how many studies we read about who has the best cellular network, the cold reality is we all deal with dropped calls, slow data, or no signal at all when we are on our mobile phones. For a large majority of users, poor call quality may not matter since they keep up with friends or family through text or social media. However, calls are important to a large population who still need to use their voice for business purposes or even important personal matters. Nothing sucks more than dropped calls, poor cell signal, or even no signal at all especially when you consider how much we pay for this supposed service that is covers 99% of the continent.

SureCall, a cell phone signal booster manufacturer, put together an infographic highlighting 10 ways to improve your signal that you may not have even considered. From keeping your phone charged to rebooting your phone, these are some simple hacks to ensure you stay connected.

Some of the tips might seem basic, but they’re actually very practical and are things you can do without paying for additional products to boost signal strength. Some of the tips listed in the infographic are actual tips I have to employ on a regular basis, like tip 1 on getting to a window. When I’m inside of my lab at work, my signal drops to one bar, and as soon as I step outside near a window my signal strength increases to four bars on my iPhone. The infographic is a collection of 10 very useful tips and should be employed by you when you’re dealing with poor signal.



If none of these tips work for you, Surecall has a range of signal boosters for your home or automobile that can increase your signal strength. These are particularly good for large homes with thick walls, remote homes on the outskirts of towns, semi-trucks that travel frequently through dead zones, RVs who spend time outside in parks or remote locations, and even for city professionals whose livelihoods depend on a clear signal.

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