How to enable voice command with Cortana on your awesome Surface Pro

The Surface Pro Book 2 is an incredible Microsoft device. It’s one of the most powerful portable laptops, and it’s also incredibly well built. While not an Apple Macbook, it is an equivalent when it comes to build and performance. One thing the Surface Pro Book can do over the competition is detach and completely act independently as a tablet with its built-in touchscreen. As functional as the Surface Pro Book is, one feature that isn’t enabled out of the box is the native voice control to ask Microsoft’s smart assistant, Cortana, for help.

Why would you want to control Cortana with your voice? Well, if you’re using the tablet to show a recipe your hands might be dirty or occupied. Cortana is smart enough to help you convert units or even read your recipe aloud. Or maybe you are in the shower but want to know your schedule so you’re not late for meetings.

Either way, enabled Cortana voice control is super easy to do. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the “Ask me anything” tab in the bottom left corner
  2. Next click on the Settings icon
  3. Then enable voice control by simply clicking on the toggle that enables voice commands
  4. When you need Cortana’s help, simply say “Hey Cortana” and she will activate to help you out or tell you a joke.

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