How to remove the clutter and ads when reading in Safari on your iPhone or iPad

Almost every single website is guilty of loading their sites with advertisements, including us at deTeched. But, some websites are far worse than others and drive people absolutely nuts when trying to simply read an article or news clip. For those of you who do a bit of online reading, and you own an iPhone or iPad, Apple has you covered with Reader in Safari. When you’re on a webpage, usually not a homepage, but a page like a news article, editorial, review or something of the sort, click the browser bar near the top of your screen. When you see the Reader button in the search field, tap it to see just the text and photos — without ads. To see how this works, click on the one-second video clip below and watch the browser bar. It’s one of the simplest but most useful features in Safari for those of you who are tired of all of those advertisements.

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