This battery case can get you two full days of battery power on your iPhone X and it’s just $30 (review)

Battery life. We take it for granted, but we always need and want more, especially on our iPhones. One day battery life is about as much power as we can expect from our smartphones. This was the amount of power we got with the first iPhone and it’s the same with the iPhone X. It hasn’t gotten any better, but it also hasn’t gotten any worse. While battery technology has advanced, our need to use our smartphones has increased too. And for some of you, the battery life on the iPhone X may not be enough for you. Luckily there are solutions to help get you through a full day and more and don’t cost a whole lot of money.

I’m one of those users who uses his smartphone way too much and recently picked up a Gixvdcu (terrible name) iPhone X 5200mAh ultra slim charging case to get me through a day (and more) without having to find a wall outlet. It only costs $29.99 at Amazon and is a bargain to extend your power on your iPhone X.

As the name suggests, the battery pack is built into a slim fitting (not that slim) case that slides onto the back of the iPhone X. It comes with a matte black finish which is soft to the touch but will attract oil from your hands and look cruddy quickly. It roughly doubles the thickness of the iPhone X but it does come with a rounded back which makes your phone still easy to hold. In fact, it makes it a bit easier to hold since it fits in the round shape of your palm.

As you can see in the image above, the case is made of two separate pieces. The iPhone X slides into the battery pack where it naturally slides onto the Lightning plug at the bottom of the case. Once inside the smaller piece slides over the top of the iPhone X to complete the installation. It creates a sturdy unibody case that offers decent drop protection with a slightly raised bezel on the front to protect the display against scratching when placed on flat surfaces.

The added size is a necessary requirement to pack in a massive 5200mAh external battery which can be recharged with the same plug and Lightning cable that came with your iPhone X, or any third party cable and charging combo. For the sake of specifications, the iPhone X comes with a 2716mAh internal battery, which is roughly half of the size of the battery case from Gixvdcu. While the battery is almost twice the size of the iPhone X battery, it doesn’t equate to exactly three times as much battery life. Instead, due to heat loss and energy transfer, I typically get just over double (maybe an extra day and a half with moderate usage) the typical battery life I see without the battery pack.

The case is thick enough for me to only use it when I actually know I won’t be near a wall outlet for an extended period of time. However, it’s a very convenient alternative to bulky battery packs that require an additional cable and extra spot in a backpack to bring along rather than simply sliding onto the back of my iPhone X.

At $29.99 on, the Gixvdcu (again, terrible name) 5200mAh battery case for the iPhone X is a great option for extending your battery life for an additional 24+ hours. It doesn’t add too much excess weight or bulk where it’s difficult to carry and offers a good amount of protection for your pricey iPhone X. In the two months I’ve used my iPhone X, this $30 battery case has been one of my favorite accessories and I have no qualms recommending it to anyone who needs a little extra power.

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Gixvdcu 5200mAh Battery Case for the iPhone X review
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