A single press of this Amazon Dash button gets hand selected gourmet sweets sent to my door

Amazon is the king of internet retail. Heck, it’s the king of all retail and is putting everyone else to shame. Amazon knows how to make shopping extremely easy and almost instantaneous, if you can wait a day or two. You can order just about anything: books, household supplies, fresh organic food, hot restaurant meals and even a ride from Uber using an Amazon Alexa enabled device. If you’re an avid user of Amazon like me, there’s no need to convince you that it’s one of the greatest companies on Earth. It’s so convenient that I even order groceries from Amazon even though there’s two grocery stores across the street from me.

Earlier this year I reviewed Amazon Dash buttons and talked about how nice they are to have around the house. For $4.99 ($5 credit applied to your first order per Dash button makes it essentially free), Amazon will send you a button that connects to your Amazon Prime account and WiFi network. With a single press of a button it will have a product you designate to that button shipped to your door like ordering it from the internet or smartphone. And, in case you’re worried, it won’t send 100 orders if you press the button 100 times (for those of you with kids). It also sends you a notification to your phone that an order was placed so you can cancel it in the event of an accidental press. While those buttons are practical and useful, I stumbled upon a new Dash button that has instantly become my favorite – the Prime Surprise Sweets Dash button.

What is the Amazon Surprise Sweets Dash Button?

It’s another Dash button but way better. Instead of shipping paper towels, soap or toilet paper to my door, it has a hand curated box of candies and desserts sent to my doorstep. This button is only for Prime Members, so if you want to take part in this fun surprise adventure, you’ll need to pony up $99 for a Prime subscription. It also comes with a whole host of other benefits like free two-day shipping, Thursday night NFL games, music, books and a whole laundry list of other exclusive things.

With each press of the Surprise Sweets button, you’ll be charged a flat $18 fee (no tax in CA, not sure about other states), and a box of sweets will show up on your door step in roughly five days. You won’t know what you’re going to get which is half the fun, but it’s from small artisans around the country. That means you won’t be getting M&Ms or Snickers in any box. In my latest surprise box, I received: two brownies ($41.88 per dozen) from Over Arts Baking from New Jersey, six Molasses Spice cookies ($4.99) from Grey Ghost Bakery in Charleston, SC, a dark strawberry Whoopie Pie ($59 per dozen) from Cape Whoopies out of Portland Maine, and a batch of hand crafted butter toffee pretzels ($5) from Everton Toffee out of El Segundo, CA.

At this point, you already know if this Prime Dash button is for you or not. If you’re the type of person who would never pay $60 for a dozen whoopie pies or $42 for a dozen brownies, then this button is obviously sending you overpriced sweets for no good reason. But if you’re the type who loves to try great food outside of your local area, this is a great option for you. Not only do you get to taste fantastic artisinal sweets, but you also get to do it in moderation without having to pay for shipping from multiple vendors since Amazon does it all for you. If you happen to fall in love with one particular item, like I did with the Molasses Spice cookies, which are MMMMMMMMM good, you can order more in bulk direct and have them shipped to your door to enjoy later.

I happen to like this box since I love sweets but also really enjoy trying new things. I got my love of food from my mother and this is something she will love to. I’m going to place a couple orders for her since I know she loves to taste new sweets as well and it will make the perfect present. I also like the limited quantities of items in the box so I take the time to savor each item as well as to not over indulge since fresh goods usually go bad in a short amount of time.

Overall, if you like to try new sweets from around the country and want to minimize quantity and cost, the Prime Surprise Sweets Dash button needs to be on your list of things to get as soon as possible. It’s incredibly fun to open a box of surprises and is even more fun to taste a selection of mouth-watering treats for $18.

Get your own Amazon Surprise Sweets Dash Button at Amazon.com. It’s $4.99 but free after your first order (discount is reflected in the purchase).

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