Tinder looks to use AI to curate potential matches

It’s crazy to see how the perception about online dating has changed within the past couple of years. With the popularity of dating apps such as Tinder, online dating is becoming standard especially among younger people. Tinder recently became the top grossing app in the App Store after the release of Tinder Gold, which is a premium service that lets you see in advance users who have liked you.

Tinder is looking to continue its momentum with the release of Super Likeable. Super Likeable uses artificial intelligence to find four potential matches, which you can send a Super Like. Super Likes is more than just a regular right swipe and alerts the potential match that you have Super Liked them before they make their decision on you. This is different from a regular right swipe because a regular right swipe won’t show you if your potential match likes you unless you’ve both mutually swiped each other.

Super Likeable will pop up randomly and won’t count against users’ daily Super Like. Tinder’s artificial intelligence will find four potential matches based on the people you swipe right on. This feature will only be useful for people who actually take the time and swipe right only on the people they like. A select group of users like to swipe right on everyone and filter based on the matches they get. These users will benefit less from the Super Likeable feature.

Super Likeable will not be available right away for everyone. Tinder is testing out the feature in Los Angeles and New York City. If the feature is successful, you can expect to Tinder to roll it out to your city soon.

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