This high-tech self-defense tool can help prevent assault

As a large male, I have no idea what it’s like to be assaulted, nor would I ever want to know. Yet almost every woman I know seems to have a story of some sort of assault or predatory action taken against them at some point in their lives. Of all of the news these days, that’s what’s dominating the headlines – women being assaulted in situations that are out of their control. If you’re like me and don’t what it’s like to be assaulted, ask your own friends if they have any stories. There’s a very high chance you’ll hear some crazy stuff that just gets swept under the rug. Once you know the facts for yourself, you might be inclined to take action.

I have two adorable nieces and one is about to head to college next year. I do not want her to become a victim. It will tear my heart if anything bad happens to her, and I know exactly what I’ll be getting her this Christmas – the D.A.D 2.

What is the D.A.D. 2?

The D.A.D. 2 is a high-tech self-defense tool. It contains military grade pepper spray, an ultra-bright 150-lumen multi-mode flashlight, and a Bluetooth chip that can be activated to send alerts to your friends and family anywhere in the world. The same alert also goes out to anyone who has the compatible app within a one radius mile.

The D.A.D. 2 retails for $129.99 and can be purchased at It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices with a free app you can download in the links below.

Price: Free
D.A.D. 2.0
D.A.D. 2.0
Developer: TigerLight, Inc.
Price: Free

The D.A.D. 2 is a must for anyone who spends time outdoors. You never know what can happen, until it happens. This is a great defense tool for college students, joggers, cyclists, walkers, and hikers. It might be a life-saver one day and is one gift my niece will be getting this year.

2 thoughts on “This high-tech self-defense tool can help prevent assault

  1. For $129 ? For pepper spray? The just pisses people off even more? Right.

    Get a .357 revolver. Stopping power. No need to call anyone. Your safety is your responsibility.

    Just get a gun, like most Americans do.

  2. Joe,

    Having a lethal force option is absolutely fine, when possible and when justified, but to suggest that lethal force is the only solution when less than 1 out of 100 use-of-force situations legally justify or require lethal force, puts people at a huge disadvantage in most situations. Additionally, there are millions of people that for a variety of reasons (legality, age, location) could not or would not have a gun in their hand when attacked. Your suggestion of a gun only option, puts all of them at the mercy of anyone physically stronger than they are.

    You asked if this product just gets people more angry, insinuating that it does not stop them, but just makes things worse. If that were true, that would be a real concern, but considering that all TigerLights have had documented “stop rates” of over 96%, meaning that the attackers were immediately unable to continue the assault and the would-be victims were unharmed, that insinuation is completely misleading.

    Two young American women, 17 and 19, were attacked in Naples, Italy just weeks ago. Their account is on the TigerLight website. If one of the two girls had not had a D.A.D.®, which she used to completely incapacitate the attacker, something very bad would likely have happened. They could not have had a gun in their hand, so your suggestion is meaningless to them and millions like them.

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