The 7 best channels to follow on YouTube for foodies

Do you like food? I mean, do you really like food so much that you find yourself watching the Food Network? Or maybe you love so much that you just can’t stop taking pictures of your own food that you cook or food you’ve ordered at a new restaurant. If you’re the type who follows Top Chef, Chopped, Good Eats, Iron Chef and the like, there’s a whole load of free content on YouTube that you are missing out on. These channels can show you great restaurants, new cuisines and can even teach you how to cook up your next fancy meal.

Here are our favorite foodie channels on YouTube. Click on the Subscribe button if you want to follow these YouTube channels to your Google account. The links to the channels are on the title of each listing.

Bon Appétit

Yeah, these are the same creators behind the food magazine bon appetit. This publication has won the Magazine of the Year and Brand of the Year, which speak to its great content on blending cooking, travel, fashion, technology, design and home. I love its food channel because of the chefs who bring high-class food down to earth. 


Tasty is part of the Buzzfeed network which puts out fantastic content across several channels on YouTube. Tasty’s focus is on food and it does a great job of teaching you ultra-quick and easy gourmet food recipes in easy to follow videos.


Munchies is a digital video channel by the VICE network. Its content may not be suitable for children, but its content is original, real and all about damn good food. This is my favorite food channel for them all – I love watching Matty Matheson and Action Bronson go to town on some of the best food on the planet. There’s also adult-related content related to medical marijuana and food, so if you’re into that, there are some pretty sweet episodes on it too.

In the video below, Matty Matheson teaches any aspiring home cook how to make a restaurant quality steak dinner. I’ve tried it on family and friends and they thought I went to culinary school.


If you love to eat Epicurious is the channel for you. Epicurious is a digital content maker who focuses on delivering a great experience in delivering recipes through the internet and its iOS and Android apps. Its videos are short, sweet and straight to the point so if you don’t have a lot of time, these are the videos for you.


This dude just knows how to cook legit drool-worthy food. He’s personable, easy to understand and shows you how to make incredible food that would impress anyone you know. Just watch him make this chocolate ball.


Follow all the latest food and restaurant trends from Zagat.


Eater follows restaurants from 24 major cities across North America. Good luck not getting hungry watching these videos.


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